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Practical Trauma Informed Treatment (PTIT)

With the founder Yildiz Sethi

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“So You can Be Free to, Be You”

Rapid Core Healing in a Nutshell

About Trauma Informed Therapy

Rapid Core Healing® is a  High Quality and Unique Service

that accesses the core of complex, often long-standing issues quickly and SAFELY.
Provides a healing pathway for your mind,
the power-house of your  body for self-healing.

In only 2-4 sessions for most of the people I see.

    1. Working with personal disturbances and traumas with
      Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)® founded by Yildiz
    2. Generational relationships patterns, bonds and trauma with Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger.
    3. in Rapid Core Healing®- a unique combined twenty first century approach for change, self healing and growth.
    4. PTIT-P&G Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for Personal and generational trauma recoveryfounded by Yildiz Not suitable for schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorders.Contact me if you want to check if this is suitable for you HERE

Rapid Core Healing

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Wow, the sessions I had with you were so powerful and their effects have stayed with me in many aspects of my life.  

A big Thank you

natural therapist


Yildiz's books

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“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”Quote from Rapid Core Healing (2016) Y Sethi

“We had tried everything for our relationship. Rapid Core Healing relationship packages were great. Hit the mark in sorting out our deeper stuff individually so we could focus on repairing and building our relationship. Can’t thank you enough.” 


Sarah and John

Rapid Core Healing-PTIT

PracticalTrauma Informed Treatment

Working with:

  • Trauma, (mild to PTSD and sexual abuse recovery.)
  • Triggers, depression, self esteem
  • Relationships. Couples.
  • Success, sabotage, wellbeing

2-4 sessions for more than 90% of the people I see.



Rapid Core Healing is a twenty first century innovation that is
Gentle, safe, deep, effective and provides you an avenue for self healing.

Clearing one neural pathway at a time

You simply need to be ready for change.

“I had been in and out of therapy for years and was beginning to believe there was no recovery form depression. A few sessions with Yildiz and the world now has colour and I can feel again and most of all I have hope.” 


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Family Constellations workshop

Rapid Core Healing and Trauma Trainings

family constellations training

Why is Rapid Core Healing needed?

 In my practice of over 23 years I became aware of the invasiveness of trauma in human beings.

Individually and generationally.

I’ve always had a belief that therapy should be safe, deep and effective.

Neuroscience confirms that the basis of most of the problems we face, are locked in the subconscious mind.

Some facts.

  • The mind is the powerhouse of the body, that is largely under-utilised.
  • Our conscious mind is around 7% and the subconscious is 93%
  • The brain is able to rewire itself under optimal conditions.
  • Most of our deeper problems are trapped in the subconscious mind.
  • The mind holds the problems and also its solutions.

Hence my focus became accessing the core of problems and setting up optimal conditions for rewiring of the brain.

I found through working at cause, that many human problems come from
mild to extreme disturbances, conflicts and traumas.
These often form the basis of poor mental health, triggers, substance abuse and inner blocks to success. Once the disturbance or trauma is resolved the symptoms or disturbances generally resolve.

‘ I noticed a really profound shift shortly after the session finished and woke up feeling truly happy and excited for life for the first time in quite a while- thank you so much’.



About Yildiz

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration with a passion for helping people with change, healing and transformation. She came from a science teaching background and has been in practice since 2000 and has a Master of counselling.
Neuroscience, epigenetics, the best from the past and innovation in the present, are what she offers you. 

More about Yildiz

Who Is Yildiz Sethi?

‘Yildiz has been on a long journey in her personal life of healing, transformation and creation. Her curiosity for knowledge started with studies in science, then spirituality and mysticism and many years in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy since 2000.
She found her entry into counselling and psychotherapy disappointing due to its limitations in being able to help people effectively and efficiently in mental health and trauma.
This changed when she discovered Family Constellations in 2005, an ‘out of the box’ way of working that provides profound results and growth for people working with systemic issues, in brief interventions.

Over time, she became aware that a similarly powerful process was required for the non-systemic, or personal component,
of the same issue, that was left behind after family constellations processes.
This resulted, over many years of working with clients, in discovering ‘what works’ to make fast, positive change. From this evolved Emotional Mind Integration.
Another ‘out of the box’ way of working with personal issues which is equally profound in delivering results in brief interventions.

This combination of systemic and personal is what she offers you here in sessions for disturbances, trauma and sexual abuse/assault recovery.

Yildiz remains passionate about helping you on your life journey and also imparting knowledge and skills to practitioners so more of you have access to profound brief, effective, twenty-first century approaches, so you can avoid spending months or years in therapy and instead, focus on living.

Rapid Core Healing

I have been to many therapists and over time have received benefits, but never like this and so quickly. Yildiz was very sensitive and gentle and yet I feel so different now.



Conscious/Sub Conscious

Rewiring the Brain

RCH Conscious
Rapid Core Healing Neurones

Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for Recovery – PTIT

Why manage symptoms, when you can resolve them, relatively quickly.

Go from being a Victim>Survivor to Recovery and Thriving

How Rapid Core Healing Works

Rapid Core Healing works with the represssed, out of awareness parts of you, that are influencing your behaviour and how you feel and operate in life.
Such as, relationships, self-worth, feelings, triggers, defensiveness, anger, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sabotage and trauma.

With Rapid Core Healing we work at cause with up-to-date unique and efficient processing techniques to clear neural pathways of disturbances within each session.

Best to process rather than talk about trauma

I found that talking about trauma frequently retraumatises.
Its hard to process deep trauma through talking, because much of the trauma is repressed deep in the subconscious mind.
This is why new, safer and more effective ways of working with disturbances and trauma was  required.

Two Types of Trauma

Through my experience with clients, I have discovered that trauma may be placed into two categories.
Individual and Generational and these are stored in different parts of the Mind-brain-body and require specific processes for resolution.

How to work with Individual and Generational Trauma

1 Family Constellations for  generational patterns and trauma.

2  Emotional Mind Integration for Individual disturbances, triggers and trauma.

3 Rapid Core Healing. This is a two pronged  merging of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for wholistic clearing and self-healing of the mind of Individual and generational aspects of an issue or trauma.

Emotional Mind Integration for Individual triggers and trauma

Family Constellations for generational Patterns and trauma

EMI for Individual
Family Constellations

Rapid Core Healing and PTIT – Practical Trauma Informed  Treatment

Rapid Core Healing
Trauma informed therapy Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing
Sessions and discount packages.

Most issues requiring 2-4 sessions (not suitable for schizophrenia,
bi polar, personality disorders)

Mental health
Depression, anxiety, panic triggers

Personal Growth and development

Trauma including sexual abuse recovery

Online Training or Rapid Core Healing
Practical Trauma Informed Treatment PTIT

Online Rapid Core Healing/PTIT Certification training in:

  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations
  • Rapid Core Healing

Personal Sessions

Yildiz offers sessions in-person or online in:

  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations
  • Rapid Core Healing

See services available in the menu to make your choice. Here


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to choose what kind of session you require. Leave it to me around which modality is required specifically for you. 


Family Constellations workshops

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Certificate practitioner training

Certificate training that includes Trauma informed processing in full trainings in:

All Training HERE

What is Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing is a dual approach for assisting you in resolving an:
Issue, trigger, block, relationship, mental health or trauma from both a personal and systemic (generational) perspective. This is Trauma informed treatment as well as trauma skilled treatment. Leading to Trauma recovery in 3 to 5 sessions (usually)
(Not including schizophrenia, Bi polar, Borderline personality disorders etc.) Read More

Contact me to discuss your case.

RCH is an wholistic approach of deep clearing for that issue.

Each Rapid Core Healing session is a 4-step process:

1 Rapid– 3-5 sessions for most complex or long standing issues. 

2 Core– rapidly locates the core or cause of the issue

3 Healing-engages your mind, body and heart in your healing pathway.

4 Integrates the process within the session 60-90 minutes.
So you leave feeling lighter or better.

Clearing one neural pathway at a time for a truly wholistic experience.

Rapid Core Healing is a brief, solution-focused, somatic, experiential approach for those who are ready for change.

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Details of Dates, times and fees

Family Constellations workshop

Rapid Core Healing and Trauma Trainings

family constellations training

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Trauma Informed Therapy sessions and training

At Rapid Core Healing Yildiz has created powerful ways of working with you

“I want you to know how effective my session was last week. So profound to find relief from physical symptoms as well as the emotional pain in one treatment. I had a meeting with my brother on Wed night and I was calm and focused and relieved of my reactive response Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!”

~ Karen

“We were about to separate when we went onto the RCH couples therapy approach. This has been so reviewing and so helpful in dealing with each of our personal issues and in helping us to relate in a better way. Our relationship has turned around and we are able to make plans for a future together.I strongly recommend RCH couples therapy to anyone who needs relationship help.”

~ Sarah & John

“My anxiety was debilitating when I cam to see Yildiz. I had tried so many other treatments to no avail. Just a few sessions later I feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ David

“I have suffered depression for many years and thought I simply had to put up with it. Yildiz’s approach has helped me come out of depression in just a few sessions. Its like the lights have gone on again and I am excited about each new day. What a gift”.

~ Terr

Trauma Informed Therapy sessions and training Resources

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