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“Where Love is only one of the  vital components of the therapeutic processing for your Brain, Heart & Mind, you can
Be Free to Be You

Rapid Core Healing Sessions

Yildiz provides help with Relationships, Health & Wellbeing, Mental Health, Personal Development, Business Success & recovery from Sexual Abuse & Trauma.

Family Constellations Workshops

Join an online or in-person Family Constellations Workshop. Participating in a Workshop can facilitate emotional release and healing to take place in a unique experiential personal development process.

Rapid Core Healing Training

Would you like to become a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner? Join our online triple mastery training course to complete your certification in EMI, Family Constellations & RCH and start practicing.

What Is Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing is a master dual psychotherapy that locates the roots of human emotional & psychological disturbances facilitating self-healing via neural pathways & core relationship bonds.

What Is Rapid Core Healing® Trauma Informed Treatment?

Emotional Mind Integration

For Triggers, mental health (depression anxiety, panic attacks), PTSD trauma and sexualabuse recovery. More details

Family Constellations

For generational patterns, relationships and transgenerational trauma recovery More Details

Rapid Core Healing

This is the combination approach of Emotional Mind Integrationa and Family Constellations More Details

Specifically designed for PTSD-Trauma and Sexual Assault recovery and the underlying trauma of:

  • Relationships
  • Wellness (mental health)
  • Personal Development

In as little as 2-4 sessions.

“So you can be free to be you”

Many mental health professions practice trauma-informed counselling, but not practical trauma-informed processing.

Talking about a traumatic event may be re-traumatising. Even recalling what happened, visioning it, or feeling into the feelings of it, may re-traumatise.

What is required is effective trauma informed processing that is deep, gentle, effective and quick to put the issue or trauma to rest permanently, so you can get on with living. Practical trauma informed treatment.

Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment  is safe, quick, trauma informed processing.
You don’t have to manage symptoms when you can thrive with Rapid Core Healing.

Rapid Core Healing trauma treatment

Rapid Core Healing is:

  • Family Constellations assisting you in connecting more healthily to your family system and to love.
  • Emotional Mind Integration for acceptance, love and personal empowerment.
  • Rapid Core Healing: Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for peersonal and generational trauma recovery.
Rapid Core Healing PTIT trauma

Rapid Core Healing® Practical Trauma-Informed Treatment for your Brain, Heart and Mind where
“Love Heals”

Make Peace with yourself and your ancestors for better Relationships, Wellness, Success and Trauma Recovery.

Yildiz Sethi specialises in brief, deep, psychotherapies with Rapid Core Healing and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment, where connection to love is an intricate part of the therapeutic process.

Did you know that many mental health, depression, anxiety, panic, anger, and relationship conflicts trauma have trauma at their starting point?

Once this is processed or released the symptoms frequently resolve?

Rapid Core Healing is composed of unique, up-to-date psychotherapeutic techniques.

Designed to access and process the core of complex, often long-standing issues and PTSD trauma and sexual assault gently, quickly and SAFELY.

With Love as a core component of the therapeutic processes.

Love Heals with Rapid Core Healing

We all require connection and love to thrive and suffer when this is not present.

Love Heals through Rapid Core Healing

Relax and enjoy this
Rapid Core Healing meditation


Rapid Core Healing is necessary because:

Systemic and generational

What people are saying about
Rapid Core Healing practical, trauma-informed treatment

“I had been in and out of therapy for years and was beginning to believe there was no recovery from depression. A few sessions with Yildiz and the world now has colour and I can feel again and most of all I have hope.”


“I want you to know how effective my session was last week. So profound to find relief from physical symptoms as well as the emotional pain in one treatment. I had a meeting with my brother on Wed night and I was calm and focused and relieved of my reactive response Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart!”


“I noticed a really profound shift shortly after the session finished and woke up feeling truly happy and excited for life for the first time in quite a while- thank you so much.”


“Wow, the sessions I had with you were so powerful and their effects have stayed with me in many aspects of my life. A big Thank you”


“My anxiety was debilitating when I cam to see Yildiz. I had tried so many other treatments to no avail. Just a few sessions later I feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough.”


“We had tried everything for our relationship. Rapid Core Healing relationship packages were great. Hit the mark in sorting out our deeper stuff individually so we could focus on repairing and building our relationship. Can’t thank you enough.” 

Sarah and John

“I have suffered depression for many years and thought I simply had to put up with it. Yildiz’s approach has helped me come out of depression in just a few sessions. Its like the lights have gone on again and I am excited about each new day. What a gift.”


“I have been to many therapists and over time have received benefits, but never like this and so quickly. Yildiz was very sensitive and gentle and yet I feel so different now. Gratitude!”


About Trauma-Informed Treatment with Rapid Core Healing & Founder, Yildiz Sethi

Have you ever wondered what holds you back from feeling good inside?

You may already know that how you feel, is reflected in your energy, thoughts and communication and flows into your choices, relationships, work and how you run your life.

I am a former science teacher with a passion for helping people like you make deep inner positive change.

Started private practice in the year 2000 and have a Masters degree in Counselling and a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and have been on a journey to source and create effective ways of working in Mind Science. With the latest relevant findings in neuroscience and epigenetics, for new and more effective therapeutic practice.

There is no doubt that my clients have been my greatest teachers in showing me what goes wrong and what’s required for self-healing. This resulted in the development of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration.

My clients showed me that once the cause of their condition was resolved their symptoms frequently disappeared, or were much easier to work with.

Even more interesting, is that I discovered that the core of a huge amount of human suffering is trauma-based, across a wide spectrum of symptoms and diagnoses.


Trauma Informed Therapy sessions and training

Yildiz Sethi
M. Couns, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Educator and Founder of Rapid Core Healing (RCH) | Emotional Mind Integration

Trauma Informed Therapy sessions and training

“Its never too late to heal from the past and grow into the present with acceptance and love.”

~ Quote from my book Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing

Pathways To Growth & Emotional Healing

Using The Unique Dual Approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration For Personal and Systemic Health

By Yildiz Sethi

Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma-Informed Treatment Can Help With Disturbances, Shocks, PTSD and more…

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse


With Self, With Others, Couples, Parenting, Family


Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Low Self-esteem

Personal Development

Sense of Worth, Sabotage, Blocks, Success

Rapid Core Healings is suitable for treating areas of trauma including:

Trauma Recovery, PTSD Recovery,  Sexual Abuse/Assault Recovery, Personal Trauma Recovery, Generational Trauma Recovery

Rapid Core Healing is special because it is:

Deep, gentle, fast & cost effective, does not retraumatise.

Find out more about Generational Trauma HERE

Find Out More about Personal Trauma HERE

Personal and Generational trauma recovery, takes place in one seamless, dual, holistic approach in Rapid Core Healing, simply book in BELOW.

Was your Trauma caused Personally or Generationally

If you answer Y to any of the issues below then you can be helped by Rapid Core Healing:

Do you feel your  trauma comes from any of the following?Was your trauma personally acquired?(From a lived experience?)Do you come from a family of generational trauma?Have you experienced both Personal & Generational trauma?
Formative years (early childhood)Yes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Verbal abuseYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Emotional abuseYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
psychological abuseYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
physical abuseYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Sexual assault/abuseYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
War traumaYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Disaster traumaYes/NoYes/NoYes/No
Trauma covers a wide range of Symptoms
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Psychological disturbances
  • Behavioural disturbances
  • Triggers
  • Flashbacks
  • PTSD
Trauma may be the underlying cause of any of the following
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor Self-Esteem
  • Substance abuse
  • Criminality
  • Parenting Issues
  • Personal relationahip issues
  • Behaviour
  • Anger response
Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment has been designed to work with Personal and Generational trauma

Either separately or together through the following approaches:

Types of Trauma Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed TreatmentAverage number of sessions required for each disturbance or trauma for most
Personally acquired trauma-treatmentEmotional Mind Integration2-4
Generationally acquired trauma-treatmentFamily Constellations2-4
Personal & generationally acquired trauma treatmentRapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration & Family Constellations


Sessions, Training, Dates & Fees

Rapid Core Healing Sessions

dates, times & fees

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

Family Constellations Workshops

dates, times & fees

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

Rapid Core Healing Training

dates, times & fees

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