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Emotional Mind Integration

While there are many psychotherapies coming into the wellbeing field, some with original and revolutionary philosophies and practices with the capacity to inspire a whole new approach to mental health and wellness. Over the last few years there has been a wave of innovation in psychotherapy due to frustration over outdated, slow and cumbersome methodologies. Approaches unable to deal with complex real-life situations in a way that offers fast, effective change or recovery for a large proportion of the population.

Lets look at a fairly typical case. John seeks the help of a mental health professional for his depression.

Six years ago his relationship fell apart and he lost his home in the ensuing financial settlement. About a year later he was diagnosed with depression.

John may choose from a range of treatment options.

In treating depression from a mental health perspective, John is likely to be recommended cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a psychologist. This commonly takes place in packages of 10-12 sessions with medication to manage the symptoms.

Alternatively John may choose a range of popular psychotherapeutic approaches requiring anything from 12 to 48 sessions or more for signs of improvement or recovery.

In both cases the approaches focus on the present as it is often deemed unnecessary and too difficult to delve into the past.

In the case of CBT the approach aims to manage symptoms by attempting to change cognitions and behaviour. As mentioned this is often accompanied by medication.

Other modalities may include a wide range of methodologies such as talk and expressive therapies or emotionally-focused and solution-focused approaches or positive psychology to name only a few.

While the approaches mentioned may have value, they are often relatively long-term in duration.

The problem is during therapeutic processes memories and feelings are stirred up.

Most psychotherapeutic approaches lack the effective techniques required to facilitate a speedy resolution of such disturbances within a short time frame.

This results in many people leaving sessions feeling disturbed or re-traumatised which makes their situation worse rather than better.

Here we begin to see the limitations of the approaches in use.

I know many therapists would say “the therapeutic process takes time. People should be prepared to go though some discomfort in order to arrive at a better place, down the track.”

While there may be some truth in this, I felt there must be a better way.

I am a psychotherapist and Family Constellations practitioner. I regularly use Family Constellations for the resolution of systemic patterns. By systemic I mean those issues that are linked to family of origin. While non-systemic issues are linked to the biography (events) of a person’s life.

I noticed I found traditional counselling and psychotherapy felt vague, cumbersome and slow, compared to the fluidity, efficiency and effectiveness of the Family Constellation process.

When what we do feels slow and ineffective we need to ask what is wrong.

I posed the question, “Is it possible to create a fluid, efficient and effective approach for non-systemic issues, capable of resolving core issues effectively within a session?”

This question led me to reflect on my wide experience of psychotherapy approaches including hypnotherapy and Family Constellations. Through this I realised the wealth of skills and knowledge at my disposal.

From this came a period of synthesis and fine-tuning of the essential aspects of many former and current psychotherapies. When this was combined with aspects of Family Constellation methodology and also hypnotherapy practice, nothing was lost and much was gained.

I have named the resultant fusion that evolved for personal issues, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

For John introduced earlier, 3-5 sessions of Emotional Mind Integration would be sufficient for recovery of his depression and associated issues. This has been my experience with many such clients over years of practice.

EMI covers many bases in one unified approach. It is psychodynamic (in locating the cause), emotionally-focused, person-centred, experiential, solution-focused and brief. It may be used to resolve disturbed emotional-mind states quickly and sensitively. These include depression, anxiety, panic attack, phobias, low self-esteem and a wide range of traumas including domestic violence, sexual abuse and the underlying dynamics of addiction. Of course more complex issues may require more sessions.

In the development of EMI I have formed a modality that spans the hypnotic and psychotherapeutic arenas that are specific for non-systemic issues. EMI takes place in a light mind/body-based trance. Relaxing the conscious mind so as to locate disturbed ‘emotional mind states’ of particular issues. Disturbances follow healing pathways before being integrated safely through EMI processes. This is a sensitive, person-centred rather than a didactic or prescriptive approach.

EMI forms a new and powerful modality that is a perfect companion for Family Constellations in forming a complete and wholistic approach for dealing with the personal and systemic aspects of who we are. The dual approach is Rapid Core Healing.

For John EMI would facilitate coming out of depression. Assist him to find a new perspective or acceptance of his failed relationship. Come to terms with the loss of his home and assist him in creating a new sense of self by taking what has been of value into the present. From here he would be able to consider how he would like to live and navigate his life with more confidence.

All this in a short time span, with each issue resolved to a settled emotional and cognitive place before leaving the session. For most people (excluding those with more serious metal health issues) 3-5 sessions are required.

I dream of a world where depression, anxiety, panic attack and trauma are easily treated in an efficiently manner that is respectful of human experience and in service of health and harmony and in a way that is beneficial to individuals, relationships, family, society, nations and the world.

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