What is Rapid Core Healing2 ? Yildiz Sethi

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration for sexual assault

I am holding an online meeting on 10 December for those of you who are curious and have questions about what I offer towards Mind Science innovation, The latest therapeutic processes to aid recovery. This is no obligation information about what I am offering in 2023.

Meet me online to discover what I offer for self-healing and growth through the practice of Emotional Mind Integration, Family Constellations, Rapid Core Healing and Hypnotherapy Diploma for personal and systemic solutions.

This includes training that you may use for relationships, mental (depression, anxiety, panic attacks) health, self esteem and trauma including sexual abuse recovery, that is both trauma informed and trauma informed effective processing.

I offer a lot and this is to clarify the what, why, who, when, where of each methodology briefly, with practical examples of how they may be used for a range of issues people face.
Such as:
Relationships, low self-worth, sabotage patterns, blocks to success.
Mental health, (depression, anxiety and panic).
All of my trainings include fast, safe trauma recovery and sexual abuse recovery that is trauma-informed and efficient trauma-skilled processing.

At Rapid Core Healing I appreciate the complexity of being human and our capacity for resilience and homeostasis when we are provided with appropriate conditions.
And the need to access ways of working with both the best of the past and present.
This includes the current findings in neuroscience and epigenetics and an understanding of what goes wrong and what is required for self-healing in ourselves and our clients.

This is an opportunity to understand what is being offered and for you to find out if this is the right fit for you.

This is appropriate for:

  • Experienced practitioners who have long standing and chronic client cases in coaching, psychotherapy or counselling practices.
  • For new practitioners to see if this feels like the right approach for you.

The meeting is online on 10 December 12 pm Qld Australia time-zone AEST.

Check to match up your timezone HERE

This will be online in zoom for about an hour, with time for some questions.

After booking you will receive the zoom link on 9 December

 The meeting will be recorded. 

Details and to Book in HERE