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by | Mar 11, 2019 | Family constellations

I’m excited to tell you that I have been extremely busy in redeveloping and re arranging my business. Its mostly done now.

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Forthcoming Training
Family Constellations

There is to be a Family Constellations training in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne. This is both a Foundation training and level 2 Deepening for those who have done the level 1 Foundation with me.
If you look here Family Constellations Training You may do a therapeutic stream of training or a business stream of training according to your requirements.
Rapid Core Healing offers psychotherapy, training in Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing. These are introduced and explained in the book
Rapid Core Healing 

Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing
Using the unique Dual Approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health. 2016 Yildiz Sethi Book

The purpose of Rapid core healing is to provide a twenty-first century avenue for improving Mind Health, Mental Health, for individuals and their relationships, family and parenting and their role in society in providing a bridge between counselling and psychotherapy and coaching and personal development, that is brief, effective and empowering. Rapid Core Healing includes working with the systemic and personal aspects of conflicts, disturbances and trauma to gain more health and freedom to live well, in one dual-pronged modality. Rapid Core Healing is Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration that come together in a final Rapid Core Healing module.
Rapid Core Healing services and training utilise the best from the past with the latest in neuroscience, epigenetics and field theory of the present into three modalies that are holistic in working with the complete human experience. The mind, heart, soul and the greater soul of humanity and universal energy.
Rapid Core Healing focuses on the experience of the individual, how they relate to others and assists them in making the most of their life experience. Rapid Core Healing meets people where they are and takes them as far as they are ready to go on a continuum of personal development that supports living well.
This includes:

  • Assisting individuals in coming to a place of knowing, acceptance and eventually, for those who are ready, love and compassion of themselves.
  • Creating good boundaries and relationships with significant others in their personal and work experiences and as a member of their community.
  • Supports them in living fully.

EMI Emotional Mind Integration training
This is a neurotherapy or neuro-trans-psychotherapy for personal disturbances, conflicts and recovery of trauma and sexual abuse. This is a perfect companion for Family Constellations practitioners in being able to provide a deep and truly holistic approach for systemic and personal issues and trauma and fast!  EMI requires just a few sessions for most complex issues (excluding serious DSMV diagnoses)
EMI The name says it all.
EMI utilises knowledge of the latest in neuro science, hypnosis, trauma and ‘fight and flight’ responses and what is required for release, resolution and integration. These are organised into one elegant structured process for deep, fast, effective results.
EMI is a modality that uses a light trance to locate the core of a disturbance or trauma via neural-pathways to the presenting issue in a way that is set up to be non-traumatising. Naturally occurring Healing pathways are used in facilitating self-healing in the client. Most clients require 3-5 sessions for many complex issues.
I love hypnotherapy. However, many people do hypnosis or hypnotherapy training as I did who are taught a lot about trance and how to elicit a deep trance but not so much about what to do in the state to get great results. Its not simply about telling people’s unconscious mind to ‘stop doing what they are doing’ or suggesting better ways of being. That is too simple and not so effective in my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist and supervisor of clinical hypnotherapy, of many years experience. This is why I came up with EMI that comes out of a combination of constellation theory and the latest in Mind science and my experience with clients. My clients have been and continue to be my greatest teachers.
EMI is designed to work with a wide range of personal issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, sabotage, the underlying dynamics of addiction and recovery of trauma.

or go direct to www.emotionalmindintegration.com

See the EMI training dates here

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