Rapid Core Healing for couples

by | Oct 21, 2019 | couples therapy

Rapid Core HealingA couple have been having a very hard time. They had come to a place where separation was looking like an good option. Their communication was extremely problematic as they both appeared to be sending mixed and destructive messages.

Each of the couple did group or workshop constellations to unravel their family of origin entanglements. Resolve their parental issues and find their rightful place in their family of origin. They were both so entangles in their original family that they were projecting these onto each other in the relationship and not at all present for each other in a healthy way.

Each of the couple followed up with a couple of private sessions each and are now rediscovering each other in a wonderful way and re-establishing their relationship inĀ  a healthier way.


Rapid Core Healing Couples