Rapid Core Healing Philosophy

Rapid Core Healing operates on the understanding that human beings require Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy for wellness and suffer when these are not part of their experience.
Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is embedded in a philosophy that is highly influenced by Family Constellations, humanistic psychotherapy, phenomenology and a faith in the presence of innate human resources. This is a unified holistic, dual approach that has been designed to address human needs and experiences, that is practical, experiential and client-centred in being able to be applied to individual needs.
This means you don’t have to train in a range of unrelated modalities coming from different philosophies to be able to work efficiently with a wide range of issues as RCH is a unified dual approach.
RCH philosophy and practice is a unified base you can work in with a wide range of issues involving wellness, coaching or personal development in a seamless way according to your focus.

Why We need Rapid Core Healing

While talk and emotionally-focused, expressive therapies, gestalt, solution focused, psychodynamic and CBT and others were revolutionary in their time, they are dated and not equipped to locate deep core issues quickly with accuracy and precision. Further, they do not provide specific Healing Pathways for each client’s unique situation in a unified and holistic approach that is deep and also fast and in keeping with the latest in neuroscience and epigenetics research.

Even though I love Family Constellations I found not all issues stem from the family system and so could not be best resolved in this way, so I developed a way of working that is in keeping with the power and simplicity of Family constellations for personal issues. 

Development of Rapid Core Healing

Through a process of sifting, sorting, integrating and the fine-tuning of former modalities with present day psychotherapeutic knowledge, science of the mind hypnosis and my greatest teachers my clients over seventeen years, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) emerged.

This led to the development of RCH (EMI + Family Constellations) to create a new direction for the future of psychotherapy and personal growth.

Go to the checklist to see if this suitable for you if you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, hypnotherapists.

Personal or systemic issues may be involve relationships, disturbances, conflicts or trauma.


Why is a dual modality appropriate?

Because people are complex and the problems they carry are often two pronged.

Problems mostly originate from the family of origin (generational) or from personal (biography) experiences and choices, or both.

Systemic Constellations works with the generational and Emotional Mind Integration works with the personal. Each of these modalities are poerful in theri own right and even more so in cobination in providing a profoundly wholistic approach for a wide range of elements that people face.

Emotional Mind Integration. More Details

Systemic Family Constellations.More Details

Rapid Core Healing for

  • Relationships, couples, parenting, single parent and blended families, adoption, fostering
  • Mental Health Depression, anxiety, panic, self esteem
  • Wellness
  • Success, Work Business
  • Trauma recovery.
  • Recovery From Sexual Abuse

Modern and effective

While the neuroscience and the theory may be complex, the structures and processes of Rapid Core Healing for, self healing, growth and trauma and sexual abuse recovery are well structured and grounded to ensure safety, efficiency and fast results for the client.

3-5 sessions required for more than 90% of the population (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses such as schozophrenia etc.

Sexual Assault

The latest in Mental Health Innovation Emotional Mind Integration 

While sexaul abuse deos not happen to everyone, the royal mission on sexual abuse and the Me Too movemnet have shown that is it far more prevalent than we had thought. In my private practice work with clients over 20 years I never know what is below the surface of many issues. In the deep processes I use in Rapid Core Healing sexual abuse may arise as the core of the problem. For this reason I have included recovery for sexual abuse compnents in each of my trainings, as I believe therapists or practitioners should be equipped to deal with it effectively, should it arise, in a way that is resolving, fast and non-traumatising.

See my New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse clinic