About Rapid Core Healing

Quotes for the book Rapid Core Healing.

“Rapid Core Healing consists of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations in addressing individual and systemic aspects of human experience involving conflicts, dysfunctions, trauma, family patterns and relationships.”

“Emotional Mind Integration is an approach that can quickly locate and enable clients to safely access the source of their issue, and guides them through the resolution of conflict, trauma and ‘unfinished business,’ and facilitates integration into the greater personality.”

“Family Constellations is a methodology developed by Bert Hellinger that is a brief, experiential, solution focused modality that assists individuals in coming to a better place within their family system. This assists in addressing patterns that persist through generations and does not require members of the family to be present. The process may take place in workshops or private sessions. Family Constellations assists in creating a better internal connection with the family system to enable better connections with the external world.”

“Rapid Core Healing is at the forefront of applied neuroscience. It is effective brief therapy in providing a revolutionary way of assisting people with trauma and a range of emotional and relational issues including sexual abuse and domestic violence to name only a few. The good news is that the latest research in neuroscience shows that the brain is constantly growing and reshaping itself. This means that change is possible for most of us.”

Quotes taken from the book Rapid Core healing Pathways for Growth and Emotional Healing by Yildiz Sethi

About Rapid Core Healing

For a complete and holistic approach there is Rapid Core Healing

RCH includes a range of techniques such as;

  1. a light trance
  2. systemic constellations in workshops or private sessions
  3. Integration techniques

according to individual needs and suitability.

RCH uses the power of your mind in following your healing pathway.