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Rapid Core Healing Training (RCH) with Yildiz

RCH put simply is a dual modality consisting of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration that is completed with a final module of Rapid Core Healing.

RCH bridges the gap between mental health, coaching and personal development.

Rapid Core Healing is designed to resolve personal and generational disturbances and trauma, rapidly safely and deeply in 1.3 or 5 sessions for most people.

RCH is constructed from the best of former psychotherapies with the latest in neuroscience, epigenetics and trauma research to facilitate powerful, effective and fast resolutions for positive change.

Here is the book Rapid Core Healing. More Details

Why is a dual modality appropriate?

Because the problems people carry are often two pronged.
They originate either in the family of origin or from their experiences and choices, or both.

Many issues are purely personal disturbances and trauma arising from personal biography, while others are purely systemic or trans-generational disturbances and trauma or a combination of both.

The RCH approach deals with the issue wherever it resides on this continuum in a rapid, experiential and powerful way.

RCH requires 1,3 or 5 sessions for most people per issue or problem.

Until recently issues and problems that people live with were considered to be personal. They were approached by focusing on present thoughts, feelings and behaviour or alternatively looking back at the past.
Both methods often took and still take months or years in therapy, with often questionable outcomes.

The medical model of mental health consists of diagnoses, medication and cognitive behavioural therapy to manage the symptoms in most cases, as the medical system still holds onto the outdated belief that deep brain, mind, heart and healing and change is not possible for most.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger is a vital component of Rapid Core Healing. Family Constellations is used to resolve systemic issues. Family constellations with Bert Hellinger came into being around the 1990’s to work with trans-generational disturbances and trauma that are responsible for the patterns we are born into and carry with and for our family systems. Family Constellations allows the disturbances, trauma, loyalties and entanglements to come to the surface to be seen so that people in the present can see the underlying dynamics that a re driving them. When seen and felt the stresses and emotions may be released as the person can find a better place in the system in finding a better connection and a new perspective. The process is brief, experiential, visual and powerful in facilitating change.

Family Constellations may be used for a wide range of  problems that people face that are systemic. These may be self esteem, worthiness, identity, mental health, relationship and family issues and generational trauma including sexual abuse and incest

This is now supported by the research in epigenetics

The science of epigentics shows that feelings and patterns can be transferred through generations. These are systemic issues, relationship patterns, sabotage patterns and feelings that people are born into. These may be resolved with a systemic approach such as Family Constellations or Business Constellations. Family Constellations is a brief experiential approach that is brief and powerfully effective.Go to the Family Constellations page on this site. or the dedicated Family Constellations site

Emotional Mind Integration EMI

Emotional Mind Integration was founded by Yildiz Sethi 2016 and presented in her book Rapid Core Healing. Details. Buy Now. Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) was developed to resolve non systemic issues. Yildiz realised that the deeper issues that require resolution to allow people to be free to move on in life with freedom and health are systemic and also personal: Experiences and choices from our personal lives. Through living people create mindsets, emotional states and experience trauma due to their experiences and choices. Difficult feelings and thoughts are often buried in the subconscious mind. This means they are not able to be accessed through conscious means such as conversation, coaching or counselling. An elegant neuro-trance psychotherapy called EMI is perfect for locating the core or root of the presenting issue and find healing pathways so that people can find their own solutions in a self healing process.

The good news is neuroscience research has found that our brains have the capacity to rewire and heal throughout life. So healing and change is a natural impulse for healing. Go to Emotional Mind Integration Training info on this site or the dedicated Emotional Mind Integration site

The Problem

Difficult feelings and thoughts are often buried in the subconscious mind. This means they are not able to be accessed through conscious means such as conversation, coaching or counselling. EMI is an elegant neuro trance psychotherapy that has been designed to locate the core or root of the presenting problems or blocks and present healing pathways for people to follow in finding their own solutions. EMI is a self healing process that is held by an EMI faciltator.

Through the Emi process a neuro-pathway is cleared for a stated present day problem in each session so that 3-5 sessions are required for a wide range of problems , blocks and feelings and trauma that people face in life. This is a revolutionary modality that is well structured and safe. It comes out of the best of the past in psychotherapy, constellation philosophy, trauma and neuroscience research and hypnotherapy.

EMi is a suitable approach for resolving blocks to success or to wellbeing such as depression, anxiety panic attacks, self esteem or any other personal disturbance or trauma. Including sexual abuse and PTSD.

The Good News is the holistic RCH two-pronged powerful approach is available NOW

Who is RCH Training appropriate for?

Coaches, Mental Health workers, Personal Development practitioners, New Practitioners.


RCH will greatly enhance your skill set, understanding and ability to help your clients move through their unconscious blocks swiftly and effortlessly and enhance your success in your business.

Mental Health practitioners

Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, hypnotherapists.

RCH is an ideal addition to greatly enhance your effectiveness with clients and put you on the leading edge of your own practice or business.

Personal Developments consultants

RCH will enable you to understand your clients and their problems at a deeper level so that you can be of much greater service

New practitioners.

Become a RCH facilitator and get insurance from IICT International Institute of Complimentary Therapies so you can start working with people.

RCH Training Schedule for level ONE

You may do level 1 only and proceed to use it in your work

Rapid Core HealingDays
EMI6 days
Family ConstellationsMinimum -Foundation course 9 days
RCH modele3 days
Total Number of Days18 days

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