Being a man

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Men have an image of how they would like to be seen and a sense of how it might feel to be confident in their masculinity regardless of their size, shape or age. There is no reason why this image should not be strong and valid for men. The most inspiring and sensuous men are not necessarily all physically symmetrical and attractive, but they do exude a certain warmth and deep ‘feel good’ that is very attractive and alluring even when you look at their physicality and realise its often along way form perfect. This allure is not about physicality but rather about how they feel from the inside. This can’t be taught or coached as no amount of hair styling, grooming or clothing can make up for insecurities. Its better for men  to look at their inner sense of who they are and how they feel. What they hold or carry and what they believe or feel about themselves. There is no doubt that much comes from our formative years, but also what we carry for our family system and with the men of the family. The role of men has changed significantly over the last few generations. The emergence of female independence and autonomy has left men questioning their role and their place. Further, many of us grow up now in separated families and many without a father figure at all. This has implications for women and men, but leaves men without a role model or connection to healthy functioning masculinity that can be respected. Many men of today are feeling increasingly insecure in their role as men. We can do a lot about this now with Family Constellations. A Constellation can assist you in connecting with your male essence and let go of what holds you back from form developing into your birthright as a confident man.

Living as a man

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