International Certificate in
Rapid Core Healing Mastery

Including Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for Personal and Generational trauma recovery, with the founder Yildiz Sethi.

Rapid Core Healing

International Certificate in the Triple Mastery Rapid Core Healing® Online Training.

PTSD Trauma and Generational Trauma Processing with Rapid Core Healing

For Fast release and clearing of personal and systemic disturbances, patterns and trauma.

Rapid Core Healing: Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for personal and generational trauma recovery. RCH:PTIT-P&G.

Training with the founder Yildiz Sethi

Trauma informed training

See this video about Trauma Informed Rapid Core Healing Training

What is Rapid Core Healing?

A Triple Mastery Certification

  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations
  • Rapid Core Healing

What is PTIT:P&G?

Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for fast and effective PTSD/Trauma processing.

This is a new approach for trauma informed treatment, with the focus on Practical.
Fusing neuroscience, mind science, innovation in psychotherapy, in creating methodologies for effective trauma processing. Details

Why do we need PTIT:P&G?

Because we have the knowledge, techniques and skills, so we don’t need to manage trauma symptoms when we can work at its cause with effective processing in both personal and generational trauma. Details

Who is Rapid Core Healing suitable for?
  • Mental Health practitioenrs
  • Counselllors
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Coaches
  • Educators
  • Leaders
  • New Practitioners
    Is Rapid Core Healing right for you?

    Are you seeking cutting edge knowledge and skills to help your clients with a range of issues and trauma recovery? with a focus on specific techniques for effective trauma informed processing?

    How would it be if you had the knowledge skills and techniques to work at cause with your clients to clear neural pathways fully within each session

    How would it be to have the knowledge skills and techniques to work with generation and personal issues and trauma briefly deeply and effectively in only a few sessions?

    How would it be to take trauma informed theory into practice from neuroscience and epigenetics, with the best of the past and present day psychotherapy’s and innovation in a totally up to date way of working for your clients?

    Supplying you with skills knowledge and techniques to upskill significantly as a therapist.

    What is the difference between trauma-informed counselling and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment?

    The difference is in the word Practical.

    Within each training you will received Trauma Informed knowledge and most of all Practical Trauma informed processing techniques and processing skills.

    For Personal and generational trauma recovery.

    Gain a wide range of skills

    You will have the knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of areas from the Personal & Systemic:

    Love Heals through Rapid Core Healing

    With Rapid Core Healing you may:

    • Start a new career
    • Add new skills to your existing business
    • Learn to work online
    • Do ongoing Supervision for continued learning and support
    • Get insurance on completions
    • Start working!

    You can apply Rapid Core Healing to:

    • Relationships – Parenting, Couples,
    • Family – blended family, Adoption, Fostering
    • Renew poor attachment – for self-esteem & empowerment
    • Mental health – Depression, anxiety, panic (excluding serious DSM5 diagnoses schizophrenia etc)
    • Trauma therapy – including PTSD and generational trauma.
    • Sexual abuse therapy – including incest and sexual assault recovery.
    • Wellness – changing patterns,
      Personal Development, growth, success,
    Rapid Core Healing
    Rapid Core Healing

    Who is the founder of Rapid Core Healing?

    Yildiz’s has put together the experiences and growth from the challenges in her life along with a passion for knowledge.

    This includes studies in science, spirituality, psychotherapies that has been significantly enriched with her experiences with clients.

    Developing and refining ‘what works’ to provide space for self-healing and growth that they seek. All of this has resulted in her innovations in mind science, that is offered to you in this unique training of Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration in Rapid Core Healing.

    Yildiz has a rich experience as an educator and a passion for imparting knowledge and skills for those who wish to make a difference to those who seek their help.  

    Yildiz Sethi

    Yildiz Sethi

    M. Counselling, Dip Hyp, Educator (8 years educaor ACAP) B.ED. Founder Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations trainer. Private practice since 2000. Former Physics and Chemistry teacher.

    Trauma Informed Processing

    Trauma Recovery

    Trauma Informed Training

    Trauma Informed Processing

    About Trauma Informed Therapy

    Trauma informed training

    Family Constellations

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    Emotional Mind Integration

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    Trauma Recovery Training

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    Sexual Abuse Trauma Recovery

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    Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery Training

    This is composed of 3 separate compatible trainings. You will receive 3 certificates of completion in:

    • Emotional Mind Integration: 50 hours
    • Family Constellations: 140 hours
    • Rapid Core Healing: 50 hours
    RCH TRauma informed

    Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

    A neuro-trance psychotherapy founded by Yildiz Sethi for disturbances, triggers and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.

    Rapid Core Healing Trauma Treatment

    Certificate in Family Constellations

    A brief, experiential, psychodynamic and solution-focused approach for locating and working with the generational, underlying dynamics of relationship, family, parenting and traumas.

    RCH trauma treatemnt

    Certificate in Rapid Core Healing (final)

    A combination approach to work with personal and generational issues and traumas in a seamless way.

    Rapid Core Healing involves Profound Personal and Professional development

    We offer certification professional Development

    We offer certification professional Development

    Full Certificate training in:

    • Emotional Mind Integration
    • Family Constellations
    • Rapid Core HealingThis involves for each training:

    An understanding of the underlying philosophy, skills and techniques and practice within each training and experiential learning through practice and case studies.

    Learning takes place in online learning modules and through teaching, live demonstrations and experiential learning through, observation, holding sessions, being a client and reading,
    All trainees recievea an e-book of Rapid Core Healing book

    All training include Personal Development

    All training include Personal Development

    Because we are human, we all have our own life experiences. So it’s important to look at your own relationships, triggers, blocks and sabotage patterns throughout your training, so you can work with a wide range of issues effectively, without being personally triggered.

    High quality therapy is provided by people who are or have done their own personal work.

    For this reason all Rapid Core Healing trainings involve personal development, particularly in the experiential learning components.

    Receive a copy of my book with your training.

    Trauma-Informed Treatment