Rapid Core Healing Online Training Choices with Yildiz Sethi

Rapid Core Healing is also Recovery From Sexual Abuse training.
Rapid Core Healing International Online Training Choices with Yildiz Sethi Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing and trauma/Abuse training.


With me you have choice as to what type of training you are most attracted to.

  1. How far or deep you would like to go with it.
  2. How you would like to use it in terms of what type of clientele you have or would like to attract.
  3. How you develop as a practitioner.
  4. What kind of business you wish to create.

Training Options with Yildiz

I am sharing a range of training information with you here, so that if you decide to go forward, you are informed of all options.

If you are focused on one training or can budget for one training only, you will find it a powerful set of skills and knowledge for you to build a successful practice or business on. You may always come back later to do more if that works out best for you.

I am the founder of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI), Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and my methodology for Trauma and Sexual Abuse Recovery.

You may find more information on this in my book Rapid Core Healing.

Trauma-Informed Treatment


Each of the trainings I offer may stand alone as Powerful, Effective, Efficient and Unique.

However the two foundational trainings are:

Emotional Mind Integration to work with the personal psyche and trauma recovery. Systemic Family Constellations to work with the generational aspects of relationships, connection, identity and genertional trauma.

The combination of EMI and Family Constellations via a final module of training results in becoming a Rapid Core Healing pratitioner. Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing are modalities trademarked by me.

This is such a foundational training that it may be used for a wide range lf struggles, issues and traumas that people carry.

Mental Health, Wellbeing, Emotioanl triggers, Relationships and trauma including PTSD and sexual abuse.

With Rapid Core Healing you are able to work with each issue from a personal EMI and Systemic Constellation perspective in a deep wholistic and effective and efficient manner.


Family Constellations

Systemic and Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger is the founder of Systemic Family Constellations. I was fortunate to have had my original trainings with Svagito Leibermeister and later Bert Hellinger among many other international trainers. Constellation philosophy and practice have had a profound influence on my understanding of how the mind, body and soul are connected and what is required for wellness. This has been a significant component in my creation of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing, along with the best of former psychotherapies, clinical hypnotherapy, neuroscience and epigenetics. However, my biggest teachers have been my clients over 20 years of private practice.

Through my practice I have sifted and sorted and fused together what works with real people to achieve observable and tangible results in assisting them to make change or achieve their goals of therapy sessions.

I have always been highly curious in wanting to know how things work, along with an interest in philosophy and spirituality. My purpose initially was in wanting to develop and empower myself and then to assist those around me to do likewise. This continues to be my drive and initially led me into teaching. I have a science teaching background and enjoyed teaching physics and chemistry for many years. Then I became a counsellor thinking this was a more effective way to work with people in enabling empowerment, until I realised that there were issues with this as a process of change, healing and development in an efficient and timely manner. This motivated me on a journey of inquiry and development, in sourcing and creating more effective methodologies for brief and effective outcomes. During this period, my time as an educator at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology) for eight years, where among other subjects, I specialised in methods of counselling, was valuable in assisting me in appreciating each of the former innovators in psychotherapy and assisted me in realising what is necessary in effective therapeutic processes.

In discovering Family Constellations, I was excited to find a way of working that was really effective for generational patterns of relationships, mental health, family, worthiness, attachment bonding within the family of origin, trauma and sexual abuse. This is a fulfilling and potent area on its own to stay within as a practitioner, if you do this training.

However, through my private practice, Family Constellations workshops and Constellation training over time, I realised that while this is perfect for the systemic part of who we are, it doesn’t cover all bases.

Non Systemic – Personal

For non-systemic issues, I found myself reverting to counselling, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP, which I found limiting and clunky compared to the ease and flow of the constellation process, where clients discover their own solutions for the most part and where my role is to facilitate an exploration and hold the space for their self-healing.

By non-systemic, I mean those issues that arise in the biography of a person’s life. Their choices and experiences from the ups and downs of life. In particular those situations that have not gone so well. Personal disappointments, sadness, grief, anger, shocks, shame, guilt, betrayals, injustice and traumas, which due to their discomfort are frequently repressed in the personal unconscious mind. These arise in consciousness as irrational emotional, behavioural and psychological triggers in daily life and may result in a range of dis-eases. From conflicts, disturbances, the underlying dynamics of mental health problems such as anxiety, panic, depression and addictions and trauma, just to name a few. This led to the development of Emotional Mind Integration to work with the personal, mainly unconscious mind, so as to hold a safe space for self-healing to take place though a series of processes that locate and clear one neural pathway at a time of disturbances and trauma.Emotional Mind Integration


Emotional Mind Integration

The process of EMI locates the symptoms experienced, goes to the core issue via neural pathways, creates safety and a safe place to process arrested ‘fight and flight’ responses or disturbing situations within the mind. This takes place in EMI through Healing pathways and the practitioner guides the client to a process of integration in the mind and body, all within a 60 minute session. This EMI process has been designed to ensure that the client is not retraumatised and leaves the session feeling calm and complete for that particular neural pathway. Complex issues require 3-5 sessions generally because they frequently have several disturbed neural pathways that are contributing to the disturbance.
People are complex.

With this under my belt I was able to work in a flowing, easy way with my clients in both systemic and non-systemic issues, in a way that was engaging and enjoyable for me and highly effective for my clients. (No burn-out. I have frequently been burnt out in counselling.)



A typical case for my practice.

A man in his twenties came recently with a diagnosis of PTSD, depression and road-rage. He had suffered severe anxiety for more than 15 years and was on medication and came in frustration at not receiving effective help with his psychologist and psychiatrist. The first session exposed and worked with severe domestic violence from his father. He went away feeling calmer and relieved. In the second session he wanted to deal with his road rage. In this session sexual abuse in the family from a young age was revealed and worked with, again he went home tired and calmer.  In the third session he reported he was reducing his medication with his GP and was sleeping well and feeling so much better and calmer. He appeared to be glowing and was so grateful to have received effective help. He has come off medication now and is enjoying his new found emotional, mental and behavioural freedom is 3 sessions of Rapid Core Healing/Recovery From Sexual Abuse- Trauma.

This is a common occurrence for my practice. I now run a clinic called New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse and trauma clinic for face-to-face and online sessions to revery in 3-5 sessions for the majority.

EMI +Family Constellations = Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing

Further choices

The combination of Emotional Mind integration and Family Constellations may be used in the way I have described, or you may go further in completing a module of Rapid Core Healing, where the fusion is further advanced and you will receive further techniques in how to work in a more unified manner in calling yourself a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner or facilitator.
Alternatively, you may if this is your preference, also refer to yourself as a Recovery From Sexual Abuse and trauma practitioner.

Levels of Family Constellations training

There are several levels of Family Constellation trainings available.

However Practitioner level is enough to start using it in your practice in private sessions and in groups

  1. Practitioner
  2. Deepening
  3. Advanced courses
  • Wellness and Dis-Ease
  • Business Constellations

What if you have done constellation training with someone else, but would like to do more with us?

If you have done some Family Constellations training with a recognised trainer of more than 8 days and would like to take part in further constellation training with us, please contact me to attend an Orientation course with us.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Training

As sexual abuse is so common in society and is often the underlying dynamic of many relationship, parenting, mental health issues and disturbances, I have added Sexual Abuse training onto each of my major trainings. This is because this issue may arise at any time with clients and so it’s helpful if you are equipped to work safely and effectively with this issue.

For those who have already done training with me, you may do repeat training that includes the extra sexual abuse components in Family Constellations or Emotional Mind Integration. Contact me for details

Online sexual abuse components for;

  • Systemic Family Constellations-
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing New solutions Mental Health study centre

Mental Health RCH

Training Format

Emotional Mind Integration involves 8 webinars with one of the webinars being online live training.
Family Constellations involves 11 webinars with one of the ewebinars being online live training.
The Rapid Core Healing module is online live.

Payment Options

Pay as you go for each course, either in the Early Bird period or the full price.

Pay for each course by payment plan.

Go for the 15% discount for Rapid Core Healing/ Recovery From Sexual Abuse package

Receive a 15% discount for the  Rapid Core Healing/Recovery From Sexual Abuse training  NOW

Rapid Core Healing training consists of:

1 Family Constellations practitioner training

2 Emotional Mind Integration practitioner training

3 Rapid Core Healing practitioner training final component live online component.

DONT BUY the final training of Rapid Core Healing unless you have completed Family Constellation and Emotional Mind Integration first. 

To do Rapid Core Healing you may pay as you go and book into each of the following or receive a 15 % discount when you pay for the whole course in one payment:

1 Systemic Family Constellation Training

2 Emotional Mind Integration

3 Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing training – 150 hours 


Rapid Core Healing training 

Training Format

Emotional Mind Integration involves 8 webinars with one of the webinars being online live training.
Family Constellations involves 11 webinars with one of the ewebinars being online live training.
The Rapid Core Healing module is online live.

Payment Options

Pay as you go for each course, either in the Early Bird period or the full price.

Pay for each course by payment plan.

Go for the 15% discount for Rapid Core Healing/ Recovery From Sexual Abuse package

Receive a 15% discount for the  Rapid Core Healing/Recovery From Sexual Abuse training  NOW

For more details of each training, go to my dedicated sites

Each training may stand up on its own as a basis to work with people effectively and turn your business around.
You may start with one of the foundational trainings. Emotional Mind Integration or Systemic Family Constellations.

You may stay with that or come back to do the other foundational training later so that you will have even more skills in working with yoru clients. Be able to work with the personal and systemic providing a more wholistic service.

You come back later for advanced training of Rapid Core Healing to become a Rapid Core Healing practitioner.


If you are at the beginning of your training journey with me  you may  purchase Rapid Core Healing complete in one payment nad receive a 15% discount and complete each course by letting me know which ones you are redy to do first. Rapid Core Healing is always the last training.

If you are doing the full Rapid Core Healing/Recovery From Sexual Abuse reduced training package.

Make your payment.

Choose the Family Constellations and EMI and Rapid Core Healing dates you want to do the trainings on and let me know and you will be booked in