Rapid Core Healing Testimonials

“We had tried everything for our relationship. Rapid Core Healing relationship packages were great. Hit the mark in sorting out our deeper stuff individually so we could focus on repairing and building our relationship. Can’t thank you enough.”

Sarah and John

“My anxiety had been present for as long as can remember and I had learned to live with it in my periphery as who I was. Its so uplifting to finally lift it. Its gone down by at least 80% and I am changing my thinking patterns too. Cant recommend this enough.”


“I had been in and out of therapy for years and was beginning to believe there was no recovery form depression. A few sessions with Yildiz and the world now has colour and I can feel again and most of all I have hope.”


“I come from a pattern of sexual abuse. My mother was sexually abused by her father and I have been sexually abused too, twice. I had resigned myself to not trusting men and not having relationships. I have been in various sexual abuse groups and had endless therapy but nothing really made a difference. Seeing Yildiz has been transformational. We didn’t go through the gory details, but we did really deal with it in a way that left me lighter and free-er than I have ever been. I am also more empowered and am looking forward to finding a good relationship now. It has opened up my life. Thank you!”