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Family Constellations Empowerment Package for Psychotherapists

  • Would you like to go to the next level now that you have learnt Family Constellations
  • Add on to exists skills in Family Constellations
  • Now that you have learnt how to use Family Constellations and working Systemically. Would you like to add a tool that works at a personal level? With what is in the unconscious mind, for more thorough clearing?
  • A skill that will help more of your clients and in a different way to Family Constellations?
  • Learn a skill that is effective
  • Yildiz is your teacher
  • Learn a modality from the Founder of the modality?
  • Do you want to be exceptional in this field and become expert in both Personal issues as well as Systemic issues?


As a Family Constellations practitioner since 2005, I have been blown away by the results it enables in my clients for stubborn generational (systemic) relational issues, patterns, wellness and trauma, that could not be resolved any other way in such a short time frame.

However, over time I realised that once a systemic issue is resolved by a constellation, there is often a residue of disturbance or trauma left in the personal components of the mind. Body connection that requires attention too.

This is frequently caused by personal experiences they’ve had that are related to their systemic issue. E.g. Someone coming from a family with a particular pattern or abuse, will often experience similar situations in their lived experience (biography), as well.

To resolve it fully the personal and the systemic aspects require clearing.

Family Constellations is about resolving and clearing generational disturbances and relational patterns and trauma.

From this came Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

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EMI is an advanced trauma infomed knowledge with trauma processing skills.

For clearing:

  • Personal disturbances
  • Trauma
  • PTSD
  •  Sexual assault trauma.

A neuro-trance psychotherapy that is

  • brief,
  • experiential
  • deeply effective

for clearing the personal mind and nervous system of disturbances and trauma by clearing:

  • mind
  • body
  • neural pathways

This is trademarked by me.

Further Developments to complement Family Constellations

I so loved the ease and flow of the family constellation process that it motivated me to develop another process. A process that synchronised with family constellations in an easy and fluid manner.

Working with Trauma

I know that I didn’t see myself working at this side of therapy, with trauma. I found that at the base of many dysfunction is a:

  • relational trauma
  • generational trauma
  • personal disturbance
  • Trauma.

Traumas which were unable to be processed at the time.

Family Constellations Empowerment package for psychotherapists

Family Constellations is ideal for dealing with what we carry from our system, but is not equipped for resolving the personal disturbances or trauma experienced in our personal life.

I found that in trying to assist clients in dealing with what is often, left over after a constellation, I went back to my former training as a master of counselling and registered hypnotherapist, but found it slow and generally ineffective in advancing the self-healing process.

Now I offer all Family Constellation practitioners the opportunity to gain an online certification training in Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

This will be advancing your Family Constellations into a truly transformational holistic practice.

Providing you with what is required to come into this space as:

  • A highly effective family constellation therapists, equipped with cutting edge ways of working deeply, effectively and holistically with their clients.
  • You will learn how to deal with issues such as trauma, trauma recovery (not only trauma management), sexual abuse and sexual abuse recovery.
  • I use PTIT practical trauma informed treatment for generationa trauma in Family Constellations and PTIT for individually aquired trauma for truly holistic self healing and clearing
  • For those who wish to become leaders in their field I also offer Rapid Core Healing triple mastery bundle with a large discount if all three trainings are purchased in one payment.
  • To deepen and extend your scope and effectiveness with your clients you may become a Holistic Constellations Therapist by adding Emotional Mind Integration to what you do.

You can do the Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery to become a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner.

Emotional Mind Integration certification

Your Trainer - Yildiz Seth

Yildiz has had a life of growth and transformation driven by a strong curiosity for knowledge, that has enabled her to grow through many limitations.

This included science, to mysticism and spirituality and led to psychotherapy, in order to help herself and others resolve the bonds that prevent them from living the life they choose to live.

Her disappointment of what is available in counselling and psychotherapy in providing effective and efficient assistance to those seeking help, drove her to source better ways of working with the mind.

She offers you training in Emotional Mind Integration that is both personal and professional development for the next step of your life.

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Have you already completed Family Constellations training?

If you are delighted by what you have learned and experienced in learning Family Constellations, you will be triple thrilled to learn and experience Emotional Mind Integration.

Family Constellations takes a short cut to the core of a systemic problem and provides ways of guiding resolutions for self healing of the generational side of the issue gently and efficiently.

If you would like to deepen your family Constellations former training you may apply for Approved Prior Learning (APL) if you send me your certificate from an known Family Constellations trainer of no less than 8 days with one trainer. Details of APL conditions are Here

Emotional Mind Integration takes a short cut to the core of a personal problem trigger or trauma and provides its own ways of resourcing and guiding solutions through healing pathways for self healing and integration with love of the personal side of the issue gently and efficiently.

See the article Two Subconscious minds HERE

If you are new to this work take advantage a discount package for both.

These trainings Included Practical Trauma Informed Treatment

Constellation Empowerment package

Why we need to do Systemic Family Constellations AND Emotional Mind Integration for truly holistic and efficient psychotherapeutic outcomes for your client.

Systemic and generational
Love Heals through Rapid Core Healing
Rapid Core Healing
Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing Book

Read about Emotional Mind Integration, Family Constellations and how they work together for self healing and empowerment in the case studies, research and philosophy in the book

Paperback, ebook, Audio


Emotional Mind Integration
Rapid Core Healing

Option 1: Choose an Individual Course

EMI Certification

Emotional Mind Integration including Practical Trauma Informed Treatment-Personal (EMI:PTIT-P)

Full Course – Online Training

  • 9 weeks personal and professional development.
  • Part 1: Full online course
  • Part 2: Live Experiential component
  • Part 3: Case studies
  • 50 hours

Designed for 1 Module per week: 8 Modules which includes 5 days of Live Training + 3 case studies. Week 9 is for your case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 6 Modules for the experiential component.

Limited places – Book your place NOW | Payment Plans available

$3800 AUD

EMI Certification

Family Constellations including Practical Trauma Informed Treatment-Generational (FC:PTIT-G)

Full Course – Online Training

  • 14 weeks personal and professional development.
  • Part 1: Full Online Course
  • Part 2: Live Experiential Component
  • Part 3: 4 Case Studies
  • 140 hours

Designed for 1 Module per week: 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 8 Modules for the experiential component.

Limited places – Book your place NOW | Payment Plans available

$4990 AUD

Option 2: Choose The Empowerment Package

Constellation Empowerment Package 15% Discount

This is composed of 3 separate compatible trainings.

  • Emotional Mind Integration: 50 hours – $3800 AUD
  • Family Constellations: 140 hours – $4990 AUD

TOTAL: $8790 AUD $7471 AUD
15% Discount if you buy together!

RCH TRauma informed

Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

A neuro-trance psychotherapy founded by Yildiz Sethi for disturbances, triggers and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Treatment

Certificate in Family Constellations

A brief, experiential, psychodynamic and solution-focused approach for locating and working with the generational, underlying dynamics of relationship, family, parenting and traumas.

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