Constellation Empowerment Package

What is the Constellation Empowerment  package?

It is for those who have a passion for Family Constellations and who want to be able to deal with the whole person in the same, efficient, fluid way, that the constellations process provides.

Be able to work with the generational, systemic and also what’s left over. What is trapped in the personal body and mind and unconscious mind as well. In ways that are brief, deep, going to cause, experiental, solution focused, effective  and truly wholistic.

The Constellation Empowerment package is:

  • Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration

A perfect combination for people who want to be the best therapists they can be. In really making a difference for their clients and developing a flourishing business.

This is Family Constellations for the systemic. Relationships, wellness and connection.

Emotional Mind Integration for the personal Body/Mind for the personal aspects of who we are: disturbances, triggers, trauma.

This a complete trauma informed processing  package for trauma recovery including PTSD and Sexual abuse


About Trauma Informed Therapy

Emotional Mind Integration

Why the need for Emotional Mind Integration?

Because there was a gap in traditional and present day requirements in psychotherapy innovation.

Before developing Emotional Mind Integration I would drop back to my counselling or hypnotherapy to assist a client who had done constellations, with what was left over of their complex issues and traumas.

Emotional Mind Integration works quickly and efficiently in clearing neural pathways of triggers, disturbances and trauma safely and deeply.


Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:

Using the unique dual approach of
Family Constellations and
Emotional Mind Integration

for personal and systemic health.

Y Sethi 2016

Rapid Core Healing

For details of this book  HERE