Depression and anxiety

How trauma-informed treatment differs from traditional approachesWhile depression, anxiety and panic attack are separate conditions, tay mayy often occur together.

Many people go to their GP to get help and are most often offered psychology sessions of CBT cognitive behavioural therapy and or medication. Many people are told that they will have to suffer these conditions for life and the CBT an d medication only attempt to control symptoms rather than resolve the core issues.

Rapid Core Healing RCH is a modality that can assist you in recovery as it goes to core issues to assist you in finding solutions and resolutions towards recovery.

I am always helping people to recover from anxiety, depression nd panic attacks so that those who are on mediation can go to their health professional with my card to ask to start to wean off them as they recover. Withdrawal of medication must be done with you health professional.

The process is sensitive and relatively quick in engaging unconscious elements and emotions to make the required shifts and changes towards more wellbeing.

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A revolutionary approach

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