Embracing change

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Rapid Core Healing

For me its been a big year of accomplishments, challenges and change. A year of physical change, with inner shifts taking place at a heightened rate throughout.


We have changed our location, had to regroup, restructure and let go of older structures and focus on new possibilities.


Its always easier to stay with what you know and are familiar with. Change requires a lot of energy, courage, commitment and focus and the need to move into unknown territory with faith and trust and of course there is a level of anxiety around leaping into the dark that we have to tolerate. Change is challenging, but it is the nourishment required for growth, otherwise we stay the same.


Of course change can also be escape. A distraction from having to be with oneself or situations we are in or have created. However if we have dealt with our inner world and taken full responsibility for what is ours and realise that where we are does no longer fit so well, change is the next possibility. Of course you don’t have to move house to accomplish change, it can happen in many ways.


The end of a year is a good time to take stock, decide how you want to live and put in the structures to allow it to be so. So wherever you happen to be do embrace rather than fear change as it happens anyway due to areas outside our control and the ticking of time, so be empowered to initiate it to create your reality and embrace it.