Family Constellation Course

Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner Training

Yildiz Sethi offers a composite/online International Systemic Family Constellations practitioner training with a live online experiential component.

Yildiz is a Systemic Constellation psychotherapist who has been fully involved in holding workshops, training and private sessions in Family Constellations since 2005 in Australia. She is passionate about enabling Systemic Family Constellations to be available to more of the public and really enjoys training new practitioners.

She has a passion for sourcing methodologies that are wholistic and powerful in facilitating positive change. She is also the author of three books where Family Constellations theory, practice and examples are shown as a means of improving relationships, success, personal development and psychotherapy.

Family Constellations Course

Rapid Core Healing

Family Constellation Course

Next Online training

12 weeks

24 April-10 July

Experiential live online component

  • 19-23 June 2023  Mon-Fri
  • 1 July Sat
    9.30 am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone.

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Start training NOW at your own pace with 11 recorded webinars, videos, download information, exercises, reading, tasks and online face to face sessions.


Family Constellations Course

Who is suitable to become a Family Constellations Practitioner


People who are mature in attitude and have wisdom and life experience and are excited by new ideas and new ways of working and are interested in further personal as well as professional development. All ages are welcome


Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, natural therapists, Family Court mediators, coaches.

New Practitioners

Those who wish to enter the profession who are looking for grounded ,practical experiential training.


About Rapid Core Healing

What is Systemic Family Constellations?

Family Constellations was founded by Bert Hellinger. Family Constellations is used to resolve systemic issues. Family constellations with Bert Hellinger came into being around the 1990’s to work with trans-generational disturbances and trauma that are responsible for the patterns we are born into and carry with and for our family systems.

Family Constellations is a systemic approach that is experiential, phenomenological, solution focused and brief in nature.

Recovery From SExual Abuse

Systemic Trauma. From Survival to Thriving

A larger proportion of the population suffer from generational (systemic_ trauma and sexual abuse.

For this reason I am including Recovery From Systemic sexual abuse and trauma in  Systemic Constellation training, because practitioners can never know when this may arise in a workshop or private session and need ot be prepared work with this sissue effectively.

In doing Systemic Constellation training with us, you will also be able to work with Systemic trauma and Sexual abuse in workshops and/or private sessions.

How can you join us if you have already done Family Constellations training with another trainer? DETAILS

What is a Systemic Issue?

Family Constellations as developed by Bert Hellinger has always demonstrated that we carry ancestral information. Much of it is good, nurturing and loving but some of it is tainted by stress’s and trauma from past generations, I call this the ancestral brain. Hence we may be born into the behaviours and feelings of our family system and they have an effect in our lives until we can resolve them and take our freedom. Systemic issues may be emotional, behavioural or relational and may include depression, anxiety, disconnection, self esteem issues, identity, worthiness and relationships of all kinds and sabotage patterns and blocks to success and wellness. Constellations may take place in workshops. Groups or private sessions.
systemic issue

Systemic Constellations works with Systemic Issues

Tha main areas are:

  1. Relationships, couples, parenting, single parent and blended families, adoption, fostering
  2. Mental Health Depression, anxiety, panic, self esteem
  3. Wellness
  4. Success, Work Business
  5. Trauma recovery
  6. Sexual Abuse Recovery


More recently Epigenetics has shown how such generational information is carried and passed onto future generations genetically. Epigenetics has also shown that such patterns are not necessarily hard-wired in that they may be switched on or off by a number of factors.

Family Constellations allows the disturbances, trauma, loyalties and entanglements to come to the surface to be seen so that people in the present can see the underlying dynamics that are driving them. When seen and felt the stresses and emotions may be released as the person can find a better place in the system in finding a better connection and a new perspective. The process is brief, experiential, visual and powerful in facilitating change.

Family Constellations may be used for a wide range of problems that people face that are systemic. These may be self-esteem, worthiness, identity, mental health, relationship and family issues and generational trauma including sexual abuse and incest.

Family Constellation Course

Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner Training

The training will equip you for individual and private sessions.

Once you have completed the Practitioner course you may choose to go further.

Systemic Constellations Levels

Systemic Family Constellation Practitioner Training: 


  • Wellness & Disease – FC Master Practitioner 21 hours
  • Business Constellations – Business Constellations facilitator 21 hours


family constellation course
On completion of all levels you will receive a Family Constellations Master Practitioner Certificate.

Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner Training

Systemic Family Constellations Practitioner training

This course will enable you to work with groups or private sessions.

This course is an online course.

Modules are:

  • Family of origin
  • Present family
  • Private sessions in 4 formats

Suitable for counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches or those who want to enter the profession.

A common question

Can I join your program is I have done Family Constellations training with anothr trainer? DETAILS


Fiona Herrington. Social worker working with womens mental health and wellbeing

Jonathan Muller Palliative care nurse

Camila Mozinni academic and author

Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

Marina Perry Coach Healthclub business owner

Benefits of doing Family or Business Constellations Training with Yildiz

  • Do your training with one dedicated highly experienced Systemic Therapist and trainer since 2005.
  • Receive Recovery From Sexual Abuse and  Trauma recovery training
  • Receive a copy of Rapid Core Healing Book.
  • You may join IICT International Institute of Complementary Therapies and gain insurance for your practice.
  • If you are new to therapy you may complete a short online course to assist you with compliance as a health worker in Australia
  • You may gain insurance for your practice as an independent person
  • If you are a therapist already simply add Systemic Constellations to what you do already.
  • Be added to the website as a practitioner after completion of Foundation training and insurance and compliance course where applicable.

For Course outline and skills go to the dedicated Family Constellations site

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