International Online Family Constellations Certification training details

Dates, Fees, Essential Information and how to book your training call

See the video to answer many questions about Family Constellations Certificate online training with Yildiz

Family Constellations Online Certificate training schedule

  • 11 Modules.
  • 10 Pre recorded modules, Videos, Download worksheets,
  • Receive a copy of my ebook “Rapid Core Healing”. Details.
  • Tasks to do
  • Be present at the 6 days experiential component by zoom Module 9.
  • Complete Module 10 and 11 online
  • Final completion task-Do 4 Family Constellations sessions-Case studies reports and submit a report on each.
  • Complete a reading assignmenton five books.
  • If all is well- your finished!
  • Receive your Certificate
  • You may join IICT (optional)
  • Get indemnity Insurance-essential
    Start working
  • Come onto our dedicated Family Constellations Trained-by-us page where people may find you. HERE 

What you need to be prepared for the course

Download zoom

Have a computer to work from, phone or tablet are not suitable

Reliable Internet.

Work at your own pace. Normally one module each week.

Complete up to and including module 8  before module 9 Experiential week.

Book time out to attend the 6 days experiential component.

Family Constellations Certificate

“This has been a truly incredible experience. Certainly, I questioned myself how effective Family Constellations could be taught in an online forum, but I was amazed by the results.

Yildiz has an incredible ability to hold the space (regardless of time difference and distance) and demonstrated complete professionalism. The pace of learning kept the group enthused and hungry for more.

The experiential sessions were also effectively facilitated. It is wonderful to be taught by someone with such a wealth of experience and an openness to teach others with such integrity for the work.”



Rapid Core Healing

Family Constellations

Full Course

Professional Certification Online Training

14 WEEKS Training

  • Part 1 Full Online course
  • Part 2 Live Experiential component
  • Part 3: 4 Case studies

Designed for 1 Module per week – 11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies. However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 8 Modules for the experiential component

Next Online training 

Family Constellations including Practical Trauma Informed Treatment-Generational


Full Course

1 July 2024-20 October 2024

Experiential live online component

Experiential online (6 days)

Monday-Friday plus one Saturday
2-6 Sept plus 12 Oct Qld Australia  

9 30 am-4 30 pm Queensland Australia timezone.

14 weeks personal and professional development.

140 hours

Limited Places

Book your place NOW

Payment plans available

Total $4990 AUD

If your interested Book a training call now to check if we are mutuality compatable. If so I’ll send you a link to book in.

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Rapid Core Healing: Practical Trauma Informed Therapy Definition and techniques 


Do Emotional Mind Integration in the triple mastery Rapid Core Healing 25% discount certification bundle

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing BUNDLE with Practical Trauma Informed Treatment throughout

triple mastery certification:

  • Systemic Constellations – $4990
  • Emotional Mind Integration – $3800
  • Rapid Core Healing Mastery – $2500

    TOTAL VALUE = $11.290

    25% Special Discount for one payment of the Complete Training for $ 11,290 reduced to $8515.00

    Payment plan available

    Family Constellations

    Family Constellations for working with the systemic parts of who we are. For relationships, self worth, generational patterns and generational trauma including sexual abuse. .DETAILS


    Emotional Mind Integration

    For personal conflicts, disturbances, trauma PTSD and sexual abuse included by Practical Trauma Informed Treatment. DETAILS


    Rapid Core Healing

    Rapid Core Healing for working with both the personal EMI and sy-tsemic parts of who we are for deep clearing nd solutions of human issues holistically. This includes Practical Trauma Informed Trauma Treatment for personal and systemic health DETAILS

    If your interested Book a training call now to check if we are mutuality compatable. If so I’ll send you a link to book in.

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    Rapid Core Healing: Practical Trauma Informed Therapy Definition and techniques