International Online Family Constellations Certification training details

Dates, Fees, Essential Information and how to book your training call

Emotional Mind Integration certification

Family Constellations Certificate online training with Yildiz

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Family Constellations Online Certificate training schedule

  • 11 Modules.
  • 10 Pre recorded modules, Videos, Download worksheets,
  • Receive a copy of my ebook “Rapid Core Healing”. Details.

Tasks to do

  • Be present at the 6 days experiential component by zoom Module 9.
  • Complete Module 10 and 11 online
  • Final completion task-Do 4 Family Constellations sessions-Case studies reports and submit a report on each.
  • Complete a reading assignment on five books.
  • If all is well- your finished!
  • Receive your Certificate
  • You may join IICT (optional)
  • Get indemnity Insurance-essential
  • Start working
  • Come onto our dedicated Family Constellations Trained-by-us page where people may find you. HERE

What you need to be prepared for the course

  • Download zoom
  • Have a computer to work from, phone or tablet are not suitable
  • Reliable Internet.
  • Work at your own pace. Normally one module each week.
  • Complete up to and including module 8  before module 9 Experiential week.
  • Book time out to attend the 6 days experiential component.

Interested In This Course?

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Three Options to join Family Constellations Certification


Join Family Constellations Certification


Join Family Constellations  Certification as part of the Constellation empowerment package and receive a 15% discount DETAILS


Join Family Constellations Certification as part of the Rapid Core Healing 25% Discount Bundle DETAILS

Option 1

Family Constellations

Professional Certification Online Training

14 Weeks Training

  • Part 1 Full Online course
  • Part 2 Live Experiential component
  • Part 3: 4 Case studies

Designed for 1 Module per week:
11 Modules + 1 week of Live Training + 4 case studies.
However, you can work at your own pace as long as you complete the first 8 Modules for the experiential component

    Full Course – Next Training Starts:

    1 July 2024 – 20 October 2024

    Experiential live online component – 6 days

    • Experiential Monday – Friday 2-6 September plus Saturday 12 October
      9.30am – 4.30pm (Qld Australia timezone AEST)
    • 14 weeks personal and professional development.
    • 140 hours

    Limited places – Book your place NOW | Payment Plans available

    $4990 AUD

    Ongoing Supervision in this training is available to support your growth in this field

    Yildiz is available for supervision for Family Constellations facilitators who have trained with her. Please contact us if you would like to receive supervision.

    Accredited supervisor with PACFA

    Family Constellations

    Yildiz Seth

    Family Constellations Trainer


    Family Constellations Certificate

    “I have experienced Family Constellations over many years mainly in an in-person group setting and always felt that sharing the same space was something essential in the constellation work. During Covid lock downs I experienced for the first time on-line one-on-one constellations and was surprised to see how effective they are.

    When I enrolled in systemic constellation training with Yildiz Sethi, I was initially somewhat sceptical to study online with a group of people.

    To my surprise we had as a group just the same experience as we would have in an in-person setting. The process was also the same and the group dynamics were just as strong. Considering that systemic constellation is a phenomenological and experiential modality, I was deeply impressed by Yildiz’ ability to teach the work with repeatable structure and process. At the same time, the training provides ample opportunity to look at ourselves and be well prepared to work as accountable, ethical practitioners in a safe and sustainable way.”


    Business Consultant 2024

    Option 2

    Constellation Empowerment Package with 15% Discount

    This is composed of 2 separate compatible trainings.

    • Emotional Mind Integration: 50 hours | $3800
    • Family Constellations: 140 hours | $4990

    Total Value: $8790.00 AUD
    Pay In Full for Constelaltion Discount Package | $7471.5 AUD (SAVE 15%)


    Option 3

    Complete Your Family Constellations Certification As Part of The Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery Training and SAVE 25%!

    This is composed of 3 separate compatible trainings.

    • Emotional Mind Integration: 50 hours | $3800
    • Family Constellations: 140 hours | $4990
    • Rapid Core Healing: 50 hours | $2500

    Total Value: $11,290
    Pay In Full for the Mastery Bundle | $8515 (SAVE 25%)


    RCH TRauma informed

    Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

    A neuro-trance psychotherapy founded by Yildiz Sethi for disturbances, triggers and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.

    Rapid Core Healing Trauma Treatment

    Certificate in Family Constellations

    A brief, experiential, psychodynamic and solution-focused approach for locating and working with the generational, underlying dynamics of relationship, family, parenting and traumas.

    RCH trauma treatemnt

    Certificate in Rapid Core Healing (final)

    A combination approach to work with personal and generational issues and traumas in a seamless way.