Family Constellations is a Profound way of working BUT..

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Family constellations

There is no doubt that the work we do in the Family Constellations Field is profound.

 Family Constellations allows us to facilitate the client to more healthily reorganise their inner systemic world, briefly, experientially and energetically.

While this is essential, deep, inner, self-healing for the client, it can leave some or many feeling lost, alone and sad. They are no longer carrying burdens, or so entangled in their system and yet that was how they showed their love to the system and got their sense of meaning or place; unhealthy as it was. They now have new perspectives that are healthier, but feel strange, mainly because they’re new. 

The standard Constellation phrase that I was taught to give to clients was,  

‘give it time to integrate,”  by respected masters of the world such as Ursula Franke around 2010, saying it can take up to 2 years to fully integrate a constellation.
This has been largely been accepted as part of the depth, complexity and profundity of Constellation work. 

However, in the meantime neuroscience has moved forward in leaps and bounds since then, in showing us how the brain can rewire and heal itself under favourable conditions and Quickly. 

For these reasons I developed Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). An advanced neuro-trance psychotherapy. A method that is greatly aligned with Constellation theory and practice to provide the next step in healing that I call personal empowerment. Taking a client’s newly formed systemic self and all of the gains from that and stepping into their personal lives with empowerment and dignity. 

Emotional Mind Integration is also experiential, solution-focused, body-based-sensing, phenomenological, energetic, safe, brief and powerful in empowering their Personal self. Again requiring one or only a few sessions for each issue. 

EMI goes far beyond counselling or psychotherapy and hypnotherapies to an advanced mind science that allows you to utilise the mind and body neuropathways of each unique individual to go from a ‘felt’ problem they experience, to its cause. In a way that is accurate, respectful, non-traumatising, releasing, empowering and integrating for the personal aspects of the heart and mind.  

Neuroscience knowledge is deeply embedded into the EMI process, making it a cutting-edge, up-to date neuro-psycho-therapeutic process. 

In addition to this, Emotional Mind Integration is perfect for trauma recovery and sexual abuse recovery; again in only a few sessions. With or without the constellation process. 

EMI may also be used as a stand-alone modality for any disturbance, conflict, defensiveness or trigger without Family Constellations. 

Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations may be used together, in a seamless methodology known as Rapid Core Healing.
A profound way of working with the mind, body and soul for deep, inner clearing and self-healing.  Details of training

Rapid Core Healing 

Utilises the human needs for holistic self-healing: 

Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy 

Through the combination approach of Family Constellations with Emotional Mind Integration, which goes to the core of who we are, Rapid Core Healing may be used for a wide range of therapeutic outcomes.  

For growth and self-healing of both the personal and systemic parts of who we are, holistically. Details 

For improved self-worth, relationships, parenting, mental health (depression, anxiety, panic), Personal and systemic PTSD and sexual abuse recovery, personal growth and success.  

For those of you who have done Family Constellations and would like to do gain all of the benefits of also working with Emotional Mind Integration, as an essential partner to Family Constellations,  I offer you a 10% reduction to the EMI course starting online (9 week course) on 1 July Details 

For those of you who have done Family Constellations with me and are not using it much at the moment and would like to do a refresher course at an 80% discount Level 2, the next Family Constellations course starts online (14 weeks course) 1 July. You will need to contact me for a coupon to get the discount. Dates and details Level 2 Deepening Details 

I also all people who have done initial trainings with another reputable trainer to do this repeat with approves prior learning (APL) with a smaller discount. Again please contact me to get the APL Level 2 discount Details  Details and Dates 

I have significantly broken down and deepened each part of the family constellations course and in being on line, its available for you to revisit as often as you like during the course. 

In the constellation world, many ideas appear simple, but often have many different depths of understandings. I continually to grow through the process. 

Dates for all trainings


Sydney Workshop coming up soon 

I am in Sydney on 27-28 July in North Sydney and would love to  see Sydney siders there and anyone else if your available in the field. Details