FAQ’s about Rapid Core Healing training

What Qualifications do you have?


Masters Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Bed


How long have you been a psychotherapist.


Since  2000


What registrations do you have


ASCH Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy,  ISCA International Systemic Constellation Association


When did you create Rapid Core Healing RCH?




What is involved in RCH Training


This is three trainings. You will need to do:

1 Emotional Mind Integration EMI 

2 Systemic Family Constellations

3 Final -Rapid Core Healing.

Rapid Core healing is a two pronged training to equip you to work with a wide range of issues in a deep, fast for the personal and systemic aspects of an issue providing deep wholistic results in only a few sessions.

You may pay for each training separately or pay for all three and receive a 15% discount.
See the special offer. Choices


What is different about Rapid Core Healing?


There is no other training like this in the world.

You will receive training with the founder.

Rapid Core Healing may be used for
Relationships, couples, family, parenting

Mental health, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, panic etc

Personal Development, resolving blocks and sabotage

Recovery from Sexual abuse and trauma.Details


What is your experience of training?


I was a high school physics and chemistry teacher prior to my present role.

Have been an Educator at ACAP Australian College Applied Psychology for eight years specialising in Methods of counselling.

Have been holding training in Systemic Family Constellations since 2008 and training in Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing since 2017.

Who is Rapid Core Healing appropriate for?

Existing practitioners who would like to significantly improve their work with their clientele.

People who help people and would like the skills and knowledge to do an even better job of what they do in brief and effective interventions.

Practitioners in private practice.

It may not be appropriate for those who intend to or work in government, charity or medical organisations where they prefer you to use their prescribed methodologies


I have done several degrees, eg. masters, PHDs in mental health, What can I gain from this training?

What you learn and experience here is not offered anywhere else in the world.

I have trained people who have done extensive education in mental health who still don’t know how to help their clients/patients who have been amazed by how grounded and practical the theory and practice of RCH is and how easy it is to understand and use. Further, their former education and training did not equip them to work with the wide range of issues that Rapid Core Healing does.

I am paying for my degree at present and would like to do your course. Can you offer me a discount or scholarship?


There is no other training in the world like Rapid Core Healing. Due to its range, innovation, depth, use of cutting edge neuroscience, the best from the past psychotherapies and being trained by the founder and its profound effectiveness with the people you work with and the way it can turn your business around, I don’t offer any further reductions other than Early Bird or package discounts.

Do you offer payment plans?


This is an online composite training. Once you pay for your course you have access to it straight away, so payment plans are not available.


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