Our Family Constellations International online certificate training includes generational trauma processing

Family Constellations is part of Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for Generational Trauma Recovery.

Rapid Core Healing

International online Family Constellations Certificate course with Generational Trauma Informed Treatment training Online with
Yildiz Sethi

This training is both profound professional and personal development. 

To assist people in coming out of problematic patterns and generational trauma and improving relationships, mental health and success.  

Family Constellations is part of Practical Trauma Informed Treatemnt for Generational Trauma Recovery.

We hold two trainings each year

Family Constellations starting months are January and July


See the Video explainer What is Family Constellations training?

What we offer in International online Family Constellations Certificate training.

We offer an high quality, in depth international Family Constellations certificate course that is online,
Making it available to everyone internationally.
The course is by nature both profound personal and professional development, in providing wisdom in how to be the best person and Family Constellation facilitator you can be.
Our course includes working with generational (systemic) trauma, in being a vital part of our Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment program- Personal and Systemic.
In Trauma treatment Family Constellations, providing avenues through specific knowledge and techniques for the release and resolution of generational trauma that we or our clients hold.

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is an alternative to counselling, traditional psychotherapies that is brief, experiential, energetic, somatic, psychodynamic (going to cause), solution-focused and profound in opening perspectives to self-healing. The constellation process sees individuals as part of their family system and seeks to view the system by looking at a problem, through the systemic lens and an ‘experience’ to find the underlying dynamics of what they are facing and assist them in finding their best solutions.

Why use Family Constellations?

Most approaches deal with us as individuals as if we’re isolated beings. While we are induals we are also relational beings. Born into family and generational patterns that we carry unconsciously; in our neural pathways and generational brain’s.
Being human involves love, connection, resilience and the human spirit. This is accompanied with unspoken messages of expectation, burdens, entanglements and loyalties that hold us back from emerging as healthily proud and empowered individuals. The present-day representative of our system.
This way of working is deeply healing and transformative for those who are truly ready for change. In brief interactions of 1 to a few sessions for each issue.

How may people experience Family Constellations?

In a Family Constellatiojs workshop or private session. Using models/triangles, floor mats/anchors, in the mind’s eye/hypno-constellations.
In person and online.

In joining Family Constellations certificate training you will be taught each of the methodologies.

Who is this Family Constellations course suitable for?

For people who are open to looking deeply at themselves and finding new ideas and want to make a difference for the people who seek their help.

  • Counsellors
  • PsychotheraPists
  • Pychologists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Leaders
  • Educators
  • Social workers
  • New Practitionrs

What will I be able to work with in doing this course?

  • Relationships
  • Mental health
  • Self Esteem, self worth
  • Generational sabotage patterns
  • Generational trauma
  • Generational sexual abuse
  • Generational patterns
  • Generational trauma

Family Constellations training

Professional Development

Even if you have done a lot of former study, education and training, you will find the philosophy, ideas, theories about what is required for self-healing for yourself and your clients’ ‘out of the box’ in many instances. This is a radicallly different and deeply compassionate theory and practice. You will grow significantly in depth and wisdom in this course as long as your open to  new ideas.


Family Constellations training

Personal Development

This course involves deep personal development to assist you in looking at your own family of origin and situation. In order for you to be the best Family Constellations practitioner you can be it s important for you to look at yourself a nd resolve as many of your own blind spots or challenges as possible, so you wont be triggered when working with clients. Instead you can be more present with your clients and hold space for them.


The trainers

Family Constellations Family Constellations training

Yildiz and Satish Sethi.

They both did the same original international trainings including training wit Hellinger in 2007 and have been holding Family Constellations trainings since 2008. They each bring a great deal of wisdom, knowledge and experience to Family Constellation training

Yildiz and Satish’s Systemic Constellations Trainings

Trainings with:

Svagito Leibermeister, Bert Hellinger, Albrecht Mahr, Ursula Franke, , Jakob Schneider, , Berthold Ulsamer Al, Jane Peterson

Yildiz and Satish attended several international trainings at ISCA International Systemic Constellations Association in Germany over several years. Where they received trainings from many more international trainers.

This has been a breath of fresh air in learning and personal growth. It has been seamless. Yildiz’s  knowledge, experience and ability to hold the group and inspire us has been profound. I have learned so  much. I didnt know how online learning could be so powerful.



“This has been a truly incredible experience. Certainly, I questioned myself how effective Family Constellations could be taught in an online forum, but I was amazed by the results.

Yildiz has an incredible ability to hold the space (regardless of time difference and distance) and demonstrated complete professionalism. The pace of learning kept the group enthused and hungry for more.

The experiential sessions were also effectively facilitated. It is wonderful to be taught by someone with such a wealth of experience and an openness to teach others with such integrity for the work.”




Rapid Core Healing

Next Online training

Family Constellations including Practical Trauma Informed Treatment-Generational


Full course

1 July 2024-20 October 2024

Experiential live online component

Experiential live online component 6 Days

Monday-Friday plus one Saturday
2-6 Sept plus 12 Oct Qld Australia  

9 30 am-4 30 pm Queensland Australia timezone.

14 weeks profound personal and professional development. 

140 hours

Limited Places

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Advanced Family Constellations Training Options

Go to my dedicated sister site to see all levels of training including advanced Family Constellations options.


What Our Students Are Saying…

~ Fiona Herrington Social Worker, working with Women's Mental Health and Wellbeing

“Thank you for this amazing Family Constellation Online training. Your level of experience and integrity has been a true blessing.

I am delighted that everything we did in the training has so deeply sunken in and enabled me to work with clients calmly and competently.

It has truly been a wonderful gift.”

~ Lisa

~ Jonathan Muller Palliative Care Nurse

“I found this training profound

and highly refreshing. It was so good to be with so many people of like mind and who were really genuine in wanting to really understand how family systems work and how to help people find their connection to love in such a healing way. A great experience”

~ Anna

~ Camila Mozinni Academic and Author

~ Rosco Duncan A man who helps others with his wisdom and knowledge

~ Marina Perry Coach, Healthclub Business Owner

“Training with Yildiz

empowered me with the golden teachings of Systemic Family Constellations. Her depth of knowledge in many modalities was very evident, giving me the codes needed to be a well-rounded practitioner in this field and also crucial information for me to take into life as a man within my own family unit.

Constellation work is deep and powerful, which I felt all throughout the experiential parts of the training and I came away with many found realisations, resolutions and transformations within myself.

Yildiz is very generous in passing on so much of her 15 years experience right across the world, including training with the founder of Family Constellations Bert Hellinger. I feel blessed to now be a carrier of the wisdom of this beautiful work.”

~ Dean Benson