Food for Thought: 6 Step Trauma Informed Skillset

by | Dec 20, 2023 | 6 Step Trauma Informed Skillset

Trauma treatment

As we move into the buzz of the crazy season, festivities and holidays, I offer a few ideas here to muse over, of my launch for 2024.


I never intended or expected to be so heavily working in the areas of trauma.

I went into counselling and psychotherapy to help people improve their wellbeing. Sort things out, be heard and understood and to allow them a safe, non-judgemental space to unravel and discover their own meaning or solutions: Rogerian counselling style. This was fine in theory, but it didn’t take too long to realise that this is frequently a slow, convoluted and often, not so eventful process in helping people move on in a timely way.


Yes, I am impatient. I couldn’t accept that deeper and more effective ways of working were not possible.


With big questions driving me about, what is it that goes wrong and what’s required to facilitate self-healing and rewiring of the brain, I started a long journey of discovery. Much study and trainings in many modalities and 23 years and thousands of clients later, I have discovered and developed ways of working that deliver replicable reliable results in my clients in the recovery of a wide range of wellbeing, relational, mental health, substance abuse and trauma recovery issues.


I have discovered much about what goes wrong and what is required by the mind, brain, nervous system and soul to re-order, release and heal. I studied and worked in traditional psychotherapies and also explored “out of the box” ways of thinking driven by my “why’s” and “why not’s,” to develop new ways of thinking and working. Ways that my clients could easily engage in and gain observable benefit from.


I continued to work with the general public in my private practice on a wide range of issues that we as human beings face. This what I’ve found.

At the core of most human problems there is a trauma (mild- high intensity) and once this is resolved satisfactorily, the problems or symptoms disappear, or are much easier to work with.


I am offering people who really want to work in ways that are rewarding for themselves, their clients and their business a new way of working with human consciousness. This is not a few ideas or strategies or tools for your box of tricks. It’s a new paradigm. A new and deeply fundamental way of thinking and working with human consciousness and the power of homeostasis and the human spirit. That is in line with the latest findings in neuroscience and epigenetics, that shows that the brain is constantly rewiring itself, under favourable conditions and can heal: Quickly.


My focus has been to put relevant theories into practice that provide a safe space for self-healing and rewiring. While the way I’m working now feels simple, streamlined and easy for me as a practitioner and client, find it easy to engage and assimilate, it has taken a lot of fine-tuning of the processes to come to this point.


This means this is a great time to come into the practice, where all the heavy sourcing, sorting, creating and fine-tuning has been done and packed for an easy delivery in online trainings.  So are available to everyone.


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