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Yildiz Sethi is the innovator of Rapid Core Healing. Find out more about her in the following… 

Why I Do what I Do -Yildiz Sethi

The reason I do what I do is because I believe in miracles. I believe each of us has the power and resources to shape our lives and fulfil our potential.

My passion and purpose is to make the most of my life and assist others in doing the same. I know life is a precious and sacred gift that we need to treasure and make the most of. Further, our life is underpinned by time, so we need to be mindful of how we use it and most of all take care not to waste it. I believe we are all born into life with endless possibilities. We arrive as beautiful, clean, new souls into the world. So what goes wrong? Read More


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The Book Rapid Core Healing. Book Details

If you are looking for help with, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or are suffering trauma from past events

Yildiz is an experienced in working with:

Depression. Anxiety, anger issues,  inner conflicts and Relationships, Couples, Family, Singles, Moving on after divorce, recovery of sexual abuse to name only a few issues. 

Individual approach for you
Yildiz tailor’s an approach specifically for you and your situation or life experience, as she knows that no two people are alike.

RCH -Rapid Core Healing is a unique approach

Rapid Core Healing

This is a fusion of psychotherapy with a light trance that assists people in making the inner changes that they require for positive change. RCH is an effective deep process that goes to the core of the issue rapidly and assists you in finding your resolutions. The process takes 3-5 sessions for most people.

RCH is a dual approach consisting of (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration and FC Family Constellations for a deep wholistic, effective approach.

Yildiz is the innovator and developer of (RCH) Rapid Core Healing and
(EMI) Emotional Mind Integration This is a revolutionary, innovative new approach to resolving personal and relationship issues that is deeply, sensitive and effective in just a few sessions. 3-5 for most people.

Changing Mindset

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