How Fear is holding you back.

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Rapid Core Healing

Fear is a potent force. It comes in many forms. At its best it lets you know when you are in danger.


However it is may also be deeply entrenched in fearful situations from the past. This may be from your personal experience or from your forefathers and mothers. Added to this is the fear of ‘not being good enough’, the fear of change and the fear of your greatness.


One of the main problems is that the nature of fear is scary. This often means it becomes repressed, but can easily be triggered by life circumstances, such as recurring situations, a look, a vision or a smell. This can leave us feeling over whelmed, frozen or incapable of moving forward in the present. So how do we unravel it and resolve it and retain the ability to look after ourselves, while letting go of what holds us back. This may be in relationships, discovering who we are, connecting with our inner purpose and daring to reveal our greatness. I explore this at length in my book Be Rich AND Spiritual available from, or Amazon.


Fear affects us all and if unchecked leads to reactions of ego and defensive behaviour that may freeze us or lead to over reactions and violence. Our world is full of such reactions, just look at the news. Attacks, terrorism and politics reaching an all time moral low. All of this feeds individual disempowerment and societal fear.


My life has been about facing and dealing with my own fears, both personal and systemic (fear that is carried form one generation to the next, from the unresolved terror of earlier generations.) Epigentics is showing that such psychological and emotional stressors are passed through generations and are potent in switching DNA on or off.


As a psychotherapist it has been my desire to source the most effective ways of resolving the fears that hold people back from realising their potential. This led me to Family constellations to resolve systemic fear and to founding Emotional Mind Integration for personal trauma of all kinds. Here I need to define what I mean by trauma. While war trauma, domestic violence and sexual abuse are obvious examples of trauma, my clients over many years have shown me that the trauma of a child being bullied or shamed or over whelmed into a state of helplessness is also traumatic to that younger being. Issues of injustice, lack of dignity and not being seen or heard are also significant issues that inhibit people from being who they need to be. A teacher or parent who states that ‘you will never come to anything” can set up a lifelong imprint on the psyche and heart unless it can be dispelled or released. Through my work I have created ways of resolving such fears in only a few sessions.


I work with the inner world of individuals and individuals collectively create group consciousness. I see a world where personal trauma and indignities are resolved quickly and relatively easily through new innovations for mind health so that a World Awakening is a real possibility.  This frees us to create a world driven by aspiration rather than fear, so that love rather than hate can triumph.


I am excited to be part of the summit run by Shivani Gonell called The World Awakening that is going live from 25 June 2018. This is composed of people who are devoted to raising consciousness in sharing their vision for inspiring awakening in the world. One that instils empowerment and hope for all, you and I, our children, grandchildren and beyond. I will keep you posted on the summit.


Join us in awakening the world.

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