Intention is Key in Psychotherapy

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Rapid Core Healing training

In Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing I find that Intention is Key. These are brief experiential and powerful interventions where change can take place rapidly, however if this is to happen we do need to understand Intention.

Our Intention has an energy of its own. So we do need to be clear on what it is and to clear it up if its foggy. If we are clear we can assist in helping our client to be clear with their intention.

The intention of the therapist is important in psychotherapy. Is our’s clear? Are we primarily about running a business or following a passion to help others?

It is so easy to be confused between these two. I would suggest that if money is a primary motivator then there are probably easier ways to earn than through psychotherapy.

In studying, practicing and refining our art and finding the best ways to work with the group we choose to work with, we invest our time and money, therefore we do have a right to a reasonable income. We too have to pay the bills and look after ourselves and if we can’t do this through what we do, we go out of business. So, it is important for us to be financial and have a good idea of business and money and our sense of worth in this area, even though our main intention may be to help others. Our own sense of worth is imperitive, otherwise how can we assist others with theirs?

Clear Intentions, our’s first, so we can assist our clients in finding theirs for the process they are about to do will help the field be clear so it may flow easily.

Intention is key to utilising the field and following neural pathways to new possibilities.

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