Is it possible to cure the Black dog- Depression?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | mental health, Rapid Core Healing, Rapid Core Healing training

Many think they have to manage Depression for life

A larger proportion of the population than ever are diagnosed with depression. Many take medication and seek counselling or support groups and many other types of therapeutic help and may be in and out of treatment or taking medication for life.

The problem is that we  are advised to talk about it and to normalise it, as it is relatively common and yet when we do, we are told to talk to our GP or seek help with a psychologist. With the doctor or psychologist we are frequently diagnosed with depression and given treatment to manage our symptoms. And so we are normalising the idea that we are depressed, we have to live with depression, manage, go through ups and downs with it as there is no way out.

Our brain is wired for depression or we have inherited from our families, or our chemistry or hormone levels are unbalanced and require medication to go back into balance on a daily basis.

This would be Ok if the assumptions here were true.

What if we don’t have to manage symptoms, What if there is treatment?

I use a process called Rapid Core Healing to assist people in their recovery of depression. The precondition for the treatment is readiness for recovery and change. Once people have reached this tipping point the Rapid Core Healing two-pronged modality is effective in assisting people in their self-healing.

Yes the brain can heal. This is what neuroscience is showing.

Yes we can inherit a tendency for depression as is shown by epigenetics.

The good news is these problematic mood-states and transgenerational patterns can heal and new neural pathways can re-wire and new patterns form into healthier states with the appropriate knowledge, techniques and training.

Many people come to me having been to many other practitioners and modalities and having suffered depression for varying lengths of time from months to many years. Their depression make take the form of feeling like the Black Dog, or a dark tunnel, feeling trapped, heavy, deeply sad, angry, hopeless and helpless.

The average time of treatment is 3-5 sessions for most people to recovery using Rapid Core Healing with me, (excluding serious cases of bi-polar, psychosis and personality disorders) Yes each session is more expensive than a regular counselling session, but Rapid Core Healing is nothing like a regular counselling session as it is brief and solution focused in resolving the underlying feelings for each individual. I have never yet, over twenty years come across two cases of depression that are the same. Each one is unique. That’s the beauty of Rapid Core Healing in its adaptability to individual requirements

With better treatments for depression more widespread relationships and family life may flourish, the medication bill for the health care system may be greatly reduced and more may be spent of prevention and recovery in increasing national wellbeing. Sessions are available with Rapid Core Healing and Rapid Core Healing New Solutions practitioner training is available NOW for better mental health solutions.