Let’s Debunk Dangerous Beliefs that Keep us Trapped.

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Rapid Core Healing

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Last week on ABC there was a woman talking about how difficult it is to live with anxiety. There was a lot about this program that troubled me. Beliefs that were quite solidified in misconceptions that were being reconfirmed by being aired as facts as if they were the only possibility. Highly dangerous for the mental health of the nation.

Dangerous Beliefs like:

Anxiety is a life sentence.

It happens to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

It is something that the sufferer has to live with.

The only solution is to learn how to manage it.

The only way is to arrange your life around it, including your significant others.

The medical model advocates medication and Cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness primarily to manage the symptoms and is considered the best and only way to deal with anxiety.

There is no cure.

The problem with this is that the medical model, this includes most GP’s, psychologists and psychiatrists and universities (teaching medical practitioners), are not taking in the latest findings in neuroscienceand epigeneticsand the range of new innovative and highly effective methodologies that are available for research to verify results in really making a difference in recovery of anxiety and depression.

The majority of medical practitioners are having their deep motivation and desire to really make a difference undermined by outdated information and beliefs taught in universities that are not keeping up with the available science. This is bolstered by the pharmaceutical industry that advocate a preservation of the existing medical model that is normalising long term medication for larger percentages of the population. Part of the problem is the preference for quantitative research when the value of qualitative research is verified as a highly credible approach providing another whole field of valuable data. In terms of therapeutic approaches the preference of cognitive behavioural therapy and its focus on cognitions and behaviour, when the value of emotionally focused approaches is shown to be highly effective in recovery. All of this is discussed in my book Rapid Core Healing (2016)

I am the founder of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration and welcome researchers coming forward to check out the validity of what I am doing in my private practice. I am training people in Rapid Core Healing, This is a dual modality of Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations.

In Rapid Core Healing most people require 3-5 sessions for significant change and recovery of anxiety, depression and recovery of trauma.

I know some anxiety sufferers may be deeply disturbed and even offended by what I write. I do understand the severity of the condition and the problems of anxiety, trauma and it effect on the nervous system and its extreme physiological responses. Many may feel that they have done everything in following doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists advise and taking medication.

I am offering an up-to-date alternative methodology that I have been developing and practicing for many years and am dismayed that with my work and so much knowledge out there that could alleviate suffering, these are not the focus of research with a view to improving practice in the medical model.

The medical profession has a high status in society. So much so that large sections of the population do not question largely outdated thinking about mental health, anxiety and treatment.

I feel the need to speak up.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) works with the cognitions and behaviour of the conscious mind. That is only about 7% of the mind. Latest research shows that most of the problems that people face are repressed in the unconscious and the generational mind, so working with the conscious mind is looking in the wrong place. No wonder CBT can only offer management of symptoms for more complex conditions, rather than recovery in most cases. New methodologies that work at this level of the whole mind and body are necessary to facilitate real change and self-healing as discussed in The Science of Biologyby Bruce Lipton

What is required for people who come to me for treatment in Rapid Core Healing is a readiness for change and a commitment to a few sessions. But first we need to be aware that change is possible

Rapid Core Healing is a drug free treatment that is deep, fast and effective utilising the knowledge that the brain and body can heal and create new neural pathways so that new perceptions may arise in utilising naturally occurring healing pathways to recovery and wellness.

Why live a lesser life in managing symptoms when you may live a full life?

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