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by | Feb 5, 2019 | Self Care

Mind-health and alignment to soul purpose is my specialty. I have a passion for assisting people in clearing away the debris, confusion, fears and blocks that prevent them from stepping into their potential.

This may be in identity, wellness, relationships or success.

I work with levels of human consciousness. The conscious, unconscious, systemic and ancestral soul and personal essence. I know through many years of working with people that emotions are a key indicator of wellness. With this in mind I utilize emotions and mind patterns to facilitate freedom and growth in those I work with.

I will share some of my beliefs here.

I know that each person’s life experience is precious no matter what. It’s part of their spiritual journey. I also know my journey is no more or less valuable than yours in terms of our soul journeys. I also know that even though I may appear to know a lot, I cant know what is beyond myself: The bigger picture of my soul journey of which this life is only one experience of millions of possibilities. In this I have to acknowledge my smallness in All That is, but that does not diminish the preciousness of each individual life. Mine and yours.

What I do know is that we all seek happiness and fulfillment in life and search for it in many different ways.

In this world many people are having to master the art and practice of material survival. This is an essential step in gaining mastery of our creative power as human beings in this material plane. I consider we are in a material plane for a reason.

Mastery of materiality is an essential building block of the spiritual journey, as it allows us to develop our innate creativity. And with creativity we have choice. We can create what we want but we also need to consider consequences. This leads to the choice of empowerment and taking full responsibility for the consequences of our actions. On the other side we are challenged with having to develop discernment. Discernment helps us fine-tune our choices and sift out what is within our control, or not. These are higher order qualities that may be developed and honed at infinitum, until we finally discover how to create in a way that gives us fulfillment and is in line with our soul purpose. These ideas are explored in my book Be Rich AND Spiritual.

This is an essential stage of our spiritual cycle in learning to understand the power of our ability to create through intention, feelings, beliefs and actions. Once we really get this, we can take the next step in taking full responsibility for ourselves and what we create and how we respond to life’s adversities. In truth we may choose to take on this responsibility or not. There is a choice.

I know some of you may object to what I say. I know there is a lot of injustice in the world. That’s another story.

I believe it is our duty to make peace with ourselves first and this starts with our roots. Accept them and we can accept ourselves and accept the resilience and love therein to assist us in living a fuller and more connected life.

We each have a different soul purpose or even a combination of purposes for specific periods of life.

I will give four more possibilities here.

Some of us are here to experience a quieter and more predictable life.

Some are here to experience change, growth and accelerated learning.

Others spend their life searching out adventures to experiences and danger.

While there are some who are towards the end of their soul journey on earth and are driven to go within, let go of desire and their mortal coils and prepare to become One with All That Is.

One of these may resonate with you.

All human beings have a purpose and that is always driven by desire. Even a wish for spirituality is a desire.

We are driven to experience ourselves differently in each life.

The problem is that our soul purpose may be at odds with political, cultural or family conditioning. These are attempts to control how we ‘should be’, what successful is, or you need to be to be acceptable and loveable. There is no doubt it requires courage to challenge this conditioning and define ourselves in unique ways, as we risk being it rejected or excluded. This is discussed in my book Be Rich AND Spiritual.

Regardless of which path your on, coming to peace with your roots with its DNA interwoven with the strands of previous generations, is a nurturing, empowering and yet humbling step in growth. This requires the realization that you and I are not better or worse or bigger than those who’ve gone before us. We are just another soul with life to live in whichever way we choose. This level of acceptance dissolves ego and provides a rightful place from which to grow. This is often a gratifying process.

From acceptance you may move forward with more peace. Come to rest with your soul purpose and let go of, or shed old patterns, beliefs and emotions that hold you back from living your fullness through which ever path is yours.

You can accept yourself, be a better person for those around you, be the bearer of pure or creative thought and enjoy the abundance of this amazing planet.

We are all part of creation and possess creative potential and do so through our visions, intentions, feelings and actions. So being mindful of making creative thoughts an actions as clear and as unsullied as possible to obtain your best results.

It is my belief that we are all on a spiritual journey whether we are aware of it or not. See my book Stardust on the Spiritual Path.

Each life akin to a raindrop shining in the sunlight as it descends into the ocean of All That Is within the cycle of life, only to be reabsorbed again and set on another journey for new experiences on its search for happiness or fulfillment. A constant cycle until we outgrow the desires of this realm.

I provide services for personal development, relationships and wellness and can assist you in aligning with your purpose, so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

In this I hold Family Constellations workshops, private sessions and training and am the founder of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration. This is presented in my book Rapid Core Healing.

I offer Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration sessions and training.

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