Looking at the bigger picture so you can see the whole.

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Family constellations, Rapid Core Healing training

Many of us become narrower as we go deeper into any subject area and perhaps lose sight of the bigger picture that would keep us balanced and on track. I believe this is a metaphor for life. This is an ancient story that originates in India taken from “Stardust on the Spiritual Path” Details 

This is an ancient story that originates in India.

The Elephant and the Blind Men

Once an elephant came to a small town. The people of the town had read and heard of elephants, but no one in the town had ever seen one. Thus, a huge crowd gathered around the elephant and it became an occasion for great fun for everyone. Five blind men lived in the town and were eager to find out more about what an elephant was. As the men stood in front of the elephant, someone suggested that if they felt the elephant with their hands, they would get an idea of what it looked like. The five blind men went to touch the elephant and later sat to discuss their experience. One blind man, who had touched the trunk, said that the elephant must be like a thick tree branch. Another, who had touched the tail, said it probably looked like a snake or rope. The third man, who touched the leg, said the shape of the elephant must be like a pillar. The fourth man, who touched the ear, said that it must be like a big fan, while the fifth man, who touched the elephant’s side, said it must be like a wall. They sat for hours and argued with each other, each sure that he was correct. Obviously, they were all correct, from their own standpoint, but no one was willing to listen to the others. Finally, they decided to go to the wiseman of the town to ask him who was right. The wise man said that each of them was right and each was wrong, because they had each touched only one part of the elephant and, therefore, only had a partial perception of it. If they put all of their perceptions together, they would get a better idea of what the elephant looks like.

The moral of the story is that each one of us sees things exclusive within or from one point of view. If we try to understand other people’s points of view, we might gain a wider perspective.

Look at the splendour of the bigger picture

In dealing with problems and issues, we often in counselling, psychotherapy or coaching focus on the symptoms. Try to change them, put in strategies to avoid them or push our way through them. This is frustrating and often ineffective and extremely time consuming. Since I have been doing Family Constellations I no longer approach problems this way as I find it so much more useful to look at the elephant rather than the trunk or the tail that appears to be doing the wrong thing. In looking at the big picture I can see the connection of the tail to the whole, the symptom or problem to the family pattern. From here it is such an easier process to assist the person to resolve this in a respectful way both to the individual and to the whole that allows dignity and autonomy too. This provides a deep, experiential and solution focused approach where the client finds their best place. Engages the ancestral memory, body senses (visual, audio, kinaesthetic), releases emotions, changes perspectives and repairs poor attachment bonds, all in one process. And most of all it is quick and is very much in keeping with the latest findings in neuroscience that says ‘what fires together wires together’ to form new neural pathways and epigenetic. that shows that if we can change the environment (stress, emotions, trauma) DNA may be switched on or off for better outcomes.

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