Love Heals. Therapy based on love Yildiz Sethi

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Rapid Core Healing training

Rapid Core Healing training

Love Heals

Therapy based on love Yildiz Sethi

What is it that people most require for wellness?

If we accept the basic requirements for survival as essential, I believe that acceptance and love for yourself and others, resulting in healthy self-esteem, relationships and the ability to find comfort and enjoyment in your quiet spaces with a good connection to purpose, are also good indications of what is required.

There is no doubt that if we all had these, the world would be a very different place.

It seems that many problems, insecurities, neediness, difficulties in forming relationships and common issues of depression and anxiety are frequently difficult to resolve for yourself. It’s really helpful to find someone with the knowledge, skills and personal development who can hold space for you in a non-judgemental way, as you explore, unravel and put something together in a better way, is of great value. Having said that when looking at what is available in the psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling forum there are a wide variety of approaches available that can feel daunting.  What do you choose?

I take the view from Constellations theory coming from the founder Bert Hellinger, that we are born into life on a sea of life force in an ocean of love. Entering into the world into the arms of our mother, father and family as social beings with impulses that trail back to our tribal imprints. On entry, there is a tiny soft, open, vulnerable ball of consciousness eager to be held, cuddled and nestled, skin to skin with welcoming unconditional love, primarily from our mother. Here we form the first bond that anchors us into our earthly state. We look into the face of our mother and even though we cannot yet see properly, we feel her touch, warmth and energy.

But, what if our mother is confused, shocked, in pain, traumatized or locked in her own tragedies or woundings? We feel that too and however it is for us at those moments form the interpretation of our intrinsic value. Loved and precious or not worthy, or good enough. This has a profound foundational impact on our sense of self and our choices in relationships, parenting and work. A constellation process is experiential, brief, solution-focused, emotionally-focused and client-centred in allowing a space whereby you can reset, reform or rebuild what is missing, so that available love from the system can flow to you as you take your place within your system. Create a new and healthier evaluation of yourself that flows into how you operate in the world through your relationships with yourself and others, as you move on in life in a better way. Systemic Family Constellations is a key approach for connecting to ancestral love and finding a healthy place for yourself.

While constellations are appropriate for assisting individuals to set down good foundations for growth and development in healthier ways as part of their family system, I have found that it is also important to look at what is left of their original issue through the lens of the personal, psychological, emotional-mind and body. I say body because unresolved issues are frequently also trapped in areas of the body, as the mind and body are inextricably linked through the nervous system. To work with the personal components of an issue, I use Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). EMI is my founded modality that is informed by Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy and Family Constellations, neuroscience, epigenetics and some vital innovations and additions of my own into one seamless process to clear one neural pathway at a time of disturbances.

The purpose of using Emotional Mind Integration is to provide an avenue for personal empowerment and self-love, knowing that while the love and connection from the family system is important foundationally, for survival and a sense of connection for our formative self, as adults it is important to take over the role of looking after, accepting and finally loving ourselves appropriately through adulthood in developing a healthy, confident, sense of self. Adulthood involves taking our own personal power and looking after ourselves in ways that no one else can do, as no one else can know what we need, more than we do. Personal empowerment, self-love, healthy pride and personal responsibility are accessible to individuals through Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). This is a neuro-trance psychotherapy that is brief, experiential, solution-focused and client-centred that works with disturbed Emotional Mind states that are repressed in the personal psyche. Emotional Mind Integration works with one neural pathway at a time, to clear it of disturbances, conflicts and trauma connected with the symptoms of the issue. The EMI process also like constellations, requires dipping back into time to resolve and release what has been trapped or held back from a troubling situation, in a way that provides personal resources and completes what is necessary for resolution of each situation (in each individual) through Emotional Mind Integration healing pathways. (This is client-centred within a safe structure held and guided by the facilitator, to prevent re-traumatisation). Completion in this process is done by a process of integration with love; this time, self -love. This provides a space for establishing or re-establishing the 6 requirements for wellness from an EMI perspective Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy in a personally empowering process.

Emotional Mind Integration and Systemic Family Constellations are combined in the overall modality called Rapid Core Healing, founded by me. I now find myself working almost totally in my private practice with Rapid Core Healing in assisting people according to their requirements. Working this way I see most people 2 or 3 times only for the most part, as they leave sessions when they are at the point where they are able to move forward on their own resources. Clients move on knowing they can come back at any time, as new issues arise for further brief Rapid Core Healing interventions. In this way personal growth evolves over time.

While Rapid Core Healing covers many foundational bases in terms of personal acceptance, love, relationships and the ability to aspire with individual purpose, I also find it is a replicable and reliable way to work with trauma recovery. Rapid Core Healing is a powerful and effective approach for Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma in 3-5 sessions for most people.

Each of the modalities of Rapid Core Healing serve a purpose here, Systemic Family Constellations for systemic trauma and abuse and Emotional Mind Integration for personal abuse and trauma.

You may read more in my book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health. Yildiz Sethi available on Amazon

Full training involves:

Emotional Mind Integration

Systemic Family Constellations

Rapid Core Healing

The final Rapid Core Healing training puts it all together with advanced approaches.

You may choose to do trainings in Systemic Family Constellations only, or Emotional Mind Integration only, or do them both only, or do the complete training including the final Rapid Core Healing training/ Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma as well, for a more advanced understanding and practice.

I am holding training in Family Constellations composite online on 22-26 March 2021. This training includes 11 webinars so that you start on the webinars straight away and be available for the online component and finish off all webinars at your own pace.

Recovery from sexual abuse is also covered in all aspects of my training within each modality: Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration as well as the final Rapid Core Healing module.

I offer 15% discounts for Rapid Core Healing and Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma complete trainings.

Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration

Family Constellations

Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Trauma