Mind Science

Yildiz Sethi Trauma and Relationship specialistMind Science is my specialty. While I have qualifications in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and education, I am stepping forward in sourcing, using and sharing approaches to wellness and mind science that include the best from the past in terms of psychotherapies and also neuroscience and epigenetics. I am a prac-ademic in sourcing and creating methodologies that work in providing a platform for better self-healing of the mind, heart and soul.This may include grieving, completion of what is not yet complete, changing mind-set, healing personal and systemic trauma and connecting to the soul. I believe I am part of a wave taking place across the globe of people who are stepping up to present innovative approaches for the wellbeing of fellow human beings.
For practitioners I am sharing valuable knowledge and skills through professional training to those who are seeking current, cutting edge methodologies. Those who are seeking a more efficient and authentic way of working with people that engages their mind, body, heart and soul in self-healing in ways that are appropriate for those concerned.
People who are ready to be at the forefront of innovation in forging a new and inspirational way of working with the human heart and mind with compassion and methodologies that are accurate, applicable, replicable and effective to individual requirements.

These are Emotional Mind Integration,Systemic Family Constellations and Rapid Core Healing and are designed to meet the client at their level of readiness for self-healing and also to the depth of healing they require.

For those seeking assistance

All of my work is client centred, brief, experiential and creative for both the therapist and client, within the clear structure and safety of my modalities, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.

I am available for private sessions and hold online training in Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing and Systemic Family Constellations.

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