Stardust on the Spiritual Path


More than a book, it could be considered a course on ancient and modern philosophies in relation to our life pathway based on Vedic astrology, the law of Karma, personal development and free will… (continue reading below)



“In Stardust on the Spiritual Path, Yildiz Sethi introduces the reader to concepts beyond the realm of known possibility. In every case she supports her claims and ideas with sufficient evidence to open the reader’s mind to the validity of these new possibilities. This is a profound and settling read.” Nonie Malone

“At this time in our evolution, we as humankind may be mature enough to look at knowledge with a wider view, to find those areas of overlap and congruency, from which we can create a more holistic meaning.”


Stardust introduces Indian philosophy, karma, reincarnation, environmental science and different therapeutic approaches as ways of viewing the soul’s journey as stardust through the many lives of a character called Surya.

It is divided into three sections involving the soul journey as stardust. Starting with reincarnation and karma, as seen through the cosmic map of Vedic Astrology, tracing the soul’s progression through many experiences. This is a thread that continues throughout the book.

The next section focuses on relationships and family karma, primarily through the philosophy and practice of Family Constellations.

The final section explores the path towards liberation and the process of freeing up perceptions and raising consciousness.

Yildiz presents aspects of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology and life experience as a means of self-help and personal development in raising consciousness.

Included are insights from Yildiz’s own life journey as she too, is on her path.

This is an uplifting book for those who are ready for a unique exploration of what it is to be embarking on this path at this time in our history.