Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment

6 Step Trauma Skillset.

The Next Step in Trauma Informed Treatment with Yildiz Sethi

2 half Days –
Wednesday 4 September 2024 9-1pm  Wednesday 11 September 2024  9-1 pm

New developments in psychotherapy in working with a range of trauma including PTSD and Sexual Abuse Recovery.
For counsellors and psychotherapists working with trauma and for those where trauma is not their focus.

While there is a lot known about trauma informed counselling and how to manage symptoms and understand what trauma feels like, there is far less known about safe and effective trauma informed processing

In this course you will find out:

  • Why knowing more about trauma is important to everyone in our profession.
  • What is required for safe and efficient trauma processing for recovery.
  • About the 6 step Trauma Skillset.
  • About Practical Trauma Informed Treatment.
  • The neuroscience behind Trauma Informed Treatment.

Why you should come to this Professional Development

Because as a counsellor or psychotherapist, it is likely that a sizeable percentage of your clients had trauma at the onset of the symptoms they are seeking help for, with you in your professional role. 

The 6 Step Trauma Skillset provides you what you need for practical trauma informed treatment for noth Personally or generationally acquired trauma recovery.

With these processes you can maintain your mental health as you wont have to incure vicarious trauma.

 About the presenter

Yildiz Sethi has been in Private practice since 2000 and has a Masters degree in Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Family Constellations practitioner and trainer and was an educator at ACAP for eight years. She is a founder of Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment and the author of Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health.


Online Course dates

Wed 4/09/2024 9-1pm. Wed 11/09/2024 9-1 pm Qld timezone

 Fee $130 AUD    8 CPD

6 Trauma skillset

Available in Paperback, ebook and audio

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