Buy Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery on a 25% Discount Bundle

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing BUNDLE


  • Systemic Constellations – $4990
  • Emotional Mind Integration – $3800
  • Rapid Core Healing Mastery – $2500

    TOTAL VALUE = $11.290

    25% Special Discount for one payment of the Complete Training for $8515.00

    payment plan available

    Rapid Core Healing

    Rapid Core Healing includes trauma and sexual abuse recovery training within each training with RCH:PTIT-P&G

    For more information of each modality

    Systemic Constellations HERE

    Emotional Mind Integration HERE

    Rapid Core Healing HERE


    Rapid Core Healing

    Check the upcoming Rapid Core Healing training Dates:

    Family Constellations

    Family Constellations  12 weeks-See the current dates above 140 hours

    Emotional Mind Integration

    9 weeks – See the current dates above 5
    50 hours

    Rapid Core Healing final

    4 weeks -See the current dates above
    50 hours

     240 hours total

    Rapid Core Healing

    In Rapid Core Healing Discount Bundle you will do Trauma processing within:

    • Emotional Mind Integration with Personal trauma processing

    • Family Constellations with Geneerational trauma processing

    • Rapid Core Healing with Personal and Generational processing

    Trauma Informed Training
    Generational trauma

    Rapid Core Healing Bundle
    How it Works

    Once you sign up you pick either the next available Family Constellations OR Emotional Mind Integration training available.

    What happens if your not available for the next training?Dont worry, you may come onto the one after that. 

    Once you have done both of these courses, Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration, you may let me know you are ready for the final Rapid Core Healing training.
    You will join the next course shown in the website.
    Please ask if you have any further questions.


    The booking process

    You will need to make an
    Expression of Interest email.

    We can have a chat to see if what we offer is suitable for you.

    After an approval on the chat you will be given a link to join.

    You may pay in full


    $1000 deposit to reserve your place and the rest one month prior to the start of the course.

    On final payment you may start the online learning program Week 1, one week prior to the official start.

    On final payment you may start the online learning program prior to Week 1 of the official start.


    you may apply for a payment plan.

    Rapid Core Healing triple mastery Bundle   
    Full Price $11290

    Discounted to

    $8515.00 AUD!