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by | Jul 31, 2018 | Rapid Core Healing, Rapid Core Healing training

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This has turned out to be a busy year for me in terms of training, which is fortunate as this is something I love to do. Making as many people as possible competent in facilitating positive change is my aim, as I believe that prolonging suffering is unnecessary when we have effective knowledge and skills available to make a difference.

I love Family Constellations for systemic issues and patterns as it is so effective in breaking patterns. My experience of Family Constellations has led to the  creation of EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) for personal traumas, disturbances and conflicts and Rapid Core Healing (RCH).. EMI arises out of constellation theory and is combined with the best of former psychotherapy approaches, hypnosis and neuroscience and is fast and effective in providing healing pathways to recovery. More details of EMI and RCH below.

I offer several levels of training in Family Constellations (FC)

1 FC Foundation
2 FC Advanced (Deepening)
3 FC Masters includes Business and Dis-Ease & Wellness
4 FC Trainer
5 FC Train the Trainer

The levels are sequential. Advanced courses must be preceded with the foundation or advanced courses.

Here are the forthcoming Family Constellations trainings.

Those who are interested please let me know. I believe there are enough people to run this course but I can only confirm if you let me know.

Developments in Rapid Core Healing