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Rapid Core Healing

As former, current, soon to be or contemplating students of Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration or Rapid Core Healing

If you have done training with us I know your training has given you new perspectives and skills to work with people in really effective ways.

You may already know that I have been regrouping my business over the last year or so since the publishing of my book Rapid Core Healing. I have further clarified the Family Constellations training that I offer and have provided to former students. I have a lot of information here for you on developments. You may see the full picture on my new website http://yildizsethi.com

To my former students and fellow Family Constellations facilitators I offer the opportunity to extend your training into Rapid Core Healing by the addition of Emotional Mind Integration and if you choose, the final module Rapid Core Healing in adding Rapid Core Healing practitioner to your portfolio.

I know that those of you who chose to do Family Constellations followed an inner calling to do more and do it more deeply and from the heart and soul for holistic healing. To really make a difference.

Personally, I found going back to counselling when I wasn’t doing a constellation felt like taking a backward step. It felt clunky and slow. This is what spurred me on to develop EMI and Rapid Core Healing and write the book. Now I would like to spread this way of working in providing those who come to me with a complete package they can take to their practice in working with systemic issues, relationships, parenting, family and non systemic conflicts, disturbances and trauma of all kinds including sexual abuse. (Excluding serious DSM5 cases) This still leaves a huge portion of the population to work with in a fast and deeply effective way.

I believe this is the new wave of psychotherapy that needs to grow into the twenty-first century in incorporating the best of psychotherapy from all branches from the past with the latest in neuroscience and epigenetics. We have this knowledge now.

In Family Constellations Training I offer:

1 Foundation (9 days plus 4 days workshop experience)
2 Advanced Deepening (9 days plus 4 days workshop experience)
3 Business (3 days)
4 Wellness and Dis- Ease (3 days)

These have been divided into levels

Advanced (Foundation and Deepening)
Master (Foundation. Deepening, Business and Wellness and Disease)

Business Constellation facilitator (Foundation and Business Constellations)

Over the last few years I have developed a way of working with personal issues, conflicts and trauma that is non-systemic called EMI -Emotional Mind Integration.

I have added EMI to the training I offer. I present this in my book Rapid Core Healing. Details

EMI is a very powerful modality that enable us to use our constellation theory in neuro trance psychotherapy to locate and resolve disturbances in a brief experiential way that is truly transformative. EMI fits Family Constellations perfectly like a glove and enables those who have both of these modalities to use them for a very wide range of issues involving mental health and personal development in a truly revolutionary way to enable healing and change.

EMI training is a 6-day course. Qualified hypnotherapists and Master NLP and counsellors and psychotherapists and Family Constellation facilitators who have done the EMI course say that this course surpasses their previous trainings in giving them the tools to go far beyond what they have been able to do in terms of meeting their clients needs quickly and deeply and effectively towards deep resolutions.

This course has the capacity tor revolutionise your business.

EMI and Family Constellations may be done as stand-alone courses to enhance what you do already or to become a new practitioenr.

Those who have done the Family Constellation training Foundation course minimum may do EMI training and complete with doing the Rapid Core Healing modality to become Rapid Core Healing practitioners.

Some of you have done EMI training have told me that you are delighted with the knowledge and skills you’ve gained with this modality. If this is you, you may want to leave it there, or extend your knowledge and skills to Family Constellations. With this you widen your capacity to work with relationships of all kinds in a very different and deeply therapeutic way. This includes couples, parents/children, single parent families, blended families, separation, divorce, generational trauma in a brief, experiential and solution-focused process. This allows you to work with individuals and groups

More advanced Family Constellations training opens further doors in allowing you to work with health or business issues.

We never know what kind of knowledge or skills we may be required to have when working with individuals.

In learning how to do Family Constellations private sessions in training you can help people there and then without having to organise a workshop in a very wide range of relational, family, self esteem, wellness and business issues.

It is my experience many of our clients don’t/ can’t know where their problems originate: Systemic or personal. Having the Rapid Core Healing two-pronged approach of the systemic and personal under your belt is a profound way to assist people at all levels. Help them make the changes they want or to allow them to find a healing pathway in a huge range of human personal issues.

Family Constellations combined with Emotional Mind Integration with a final module of Rapid Core Healing (3 days) is the RCH module
Rapid Core Healing, Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration Training is offered in 2018 and beyond.

I am interested in training people who want to become trainers in their own right to continue this work into the future. I really believe that helping people t come to better place helps individuals, their families, society and must have an impact on the world.

The following training is available.
The Family Constellations training is taking place soon.

There are some bookings for each of the following trainings but they can only take place if there are enough people for each training registered and paid up. So if you would like to take part please make your payment and I will let you know.
When there are enough people to form a viable group, so you may book flights where appropriate.

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