Rapid Core Healing FAQ’s

What Qualifications do you have?

Masters Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Bed

How long have you been a psychotherapist.

Since  2000

What registrations do you have

ASCH Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapy,  ISCA International Systemic Constellation Association

How much do sessions cost?

Go to the Book Now button where you will find the range of services and costs and a calendar to check available dates and times booked in the Qld Australian AEST time zone

Why do you charge more than counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy?

Because with Rapid Core Healing I offer deep, faster results to a wide range of issues. The end result with Rapid Core Healing is cost effective in having fewer sessions, saving time and money.

Do you offer discounts?

Coming to me is a choice as you may seek other practitioners or seek Medicare rebates through the GP if you have a limited budget. However they are not working in the way I am working for fast positive results and I do not receive any funding from Medicare or any other organisation. Further, you will receive sessions form me the founder. So I don’t offer discounts.

Why do your sessions cost more than counselling, psychotherapy, CBT and clinical hypnotherapy?

Because what I offer goes far beyond these approaches in locating and assisting you in resolving your issues in a timely manner

When did you create Rapid Core Healing RCH?


Can I get Medicare rebates with you for sessions?

No. I am not a psychologist or social worker. The Medicare rebate scheme does not included counsellors, psychotherapists or hypnotherapists

Do you offer private health refunds?

Yes. I can offer up to 15 private health rebates, Contact me to see if yours is on my list, or contact your private health provider to ask if they will cover sessions with a registered counsellor or hypnotherapist. If so also ask how much they are going to refund you. (Generally the refunds are very small)

Is Rapid Core Healing a form of counselling?

No. Rapid Core Healing goes far beyond counselling.

Is Rapid Core Healing hypnotherapy or hypnosis?

No. Rapid Core Healing goes far beyond clinical or any type of hypnotherapy or hypnosis process.

Why is Rapid Core Healing different to other therapies?

Rapid Core healing is a two pronged approach. This consists of (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration and Systemic Family Constellations.

Emotional Mind Integration is founded by me Yildiz. It is a neuro-trance psychotherapy for the fast resolution for personal disturbances, conflicts and trauma.

Systemic Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger is a brief and powerful approach for systemic issues and trauma. In doing an RCH session I will use either or both within the session according to your requirements for the issue you present. Few sessions are required. Get the book Rapid Core Healing for more details

Which is more powerful, an in person session or online?

The end result is the same.

Why do RCH sessions cost more than regular counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy?

Because using RCH you will require only a few sessions.

How do I know if RCH is right for me.

Please contact me to find out, or pick a preparation session to discuss your needs and suitability.