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“I’m desperate for love”.

I had a client who was in her late 50’s who told me a tale of sadness in terms of her relationships and mental health. She had suffered from depression as long as she could remember. She said ‘I was born sad’. She said she had never felt loved and felt a pain deep inside and was aware of her often inappropriate behaviour with friends, colleagues and men in seeking approval and love.

She had been to numerous counsellors, psychologists and a psychiatrist and had taken medication for depression with no change in her mental state or behaviour.

She came to me tentatively, in looking for help.

She was surprised that I didn’t require a long history of her life, feelings and thoughts. Her parents had split up in early childhood and she’d had no contact with her father since.

Within a short time within the session I invited her to do a Family Constellations on her deep sadness (depression) after sharing a short description of what this would entail. She agreed and I did a private Family Constellation process with her  using floor mats.

I started with a short meditation inviting her ancestors to come forward to assist her with any healing or clearing to take place for her highest good and for my ancestors to come forward in support of her highest good.

I guided the process. She set up herself and her mother and father according to how they felt they were in connection with her. Her mat was looking on from one corner of the room and her father was a long way away looking away. Her mother was closer looking towards her but off to the right.

I asked her what she observed. She said ‘no one sees me’

We proceeded in the session with her standing on her father first to sense his energy. She was surprised to feel he was deeply sad and lost. He had been adopted and never knew who his parents were or why they had given him up. She stood on her mother and told me of her mother’s deep fear as she looked at a point to her right on the floor. I put a mat there to represent what she was looking at. When I asked her what that could be she said it was her mother’s father and the violence in her parental household.  She then stood on her own mat to observe the situation.

The constellation proceeded with me standing on the father, turning to look at his two sets of parents and then turning back to her. Standing on the mat I needed to look down rather than at the woman and felt very heavy and yet soft. I didn’t think she would believe my feelings and so I asked her to stand on her father to see what he was feeling.

She teared up and said “he feels ashamed that he couldn’t do more,” “He feels deep regret and sadness” She started crying and said “he loves me.”

She went back to her own mat and looked towards him with gratitude and wonderment. She allowed her eyes and her heart to take in the love she was feeling.

Then I stood on her mother and looking at her own parental situation and then at the woman. When I asked what the woman felt she said I can feel her sorrow that she couldn’t be more present, but I can see her love too.”

The session was completed and when she sat down she looked flushed, radiant and very different to the person who had walked in that day. She said she felt light and really optimistic.

I saw her again about her present relationships with men using constellations and then again about the sabotage and traumatic choices and events in her life using Emotional Mind Integration.

She left after 3 sessions of Rapid Core Healing to finally get on in her life in a free er way, with more choice and more grounding and with a feeling of fullness and gratitude.

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