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Family Constellations private sessions with Yildiz

These may be in-person or online.

Family Constellations with Yildiz is a gentle, quick and safe process that does not re-traumatise. is a systemic, Body Sensing approach that works with the unconscious family loyalties and entanglements that prevent people from fulfilling their potential in relationships, success or wellness. The Family Constellations therapy is a very deep way of making change by clearing generational patterns.

Family Constellations withYildiz for healthy connections

Family Constellations is powerful in helping you find healthier connections with yourself and others and greater freedom and autonomy in the present. In this approach the connection with your family system is explored briefly and experientially to enable you to find a healthier place. This original connection is powerful in setting you up in life and may be improved for better outcomes for all areas of life. This is a wholistic approach to a wide range of generational (systemic) issues, problems, dilemmas and relationships that people encounter in their daily lives. These may also include wellness, work related issues, mental health, generational trauma and personal development.

Yildiz Sethi has been a Systemic Constellation therapist since 2005 where she completed her training with Svagito Leibermeister. She has also received training from Bert Hellinger, the founder.

You have tried many things and the problem remains it is probably because it is a systemic issue. Systemic issues require systemic approaches.

Yildiz also teaches Family Constellations

See the article about the research on Effectiveness of Family Constelaltions for Mental Health HERE

Family Constellations with Yildiz

Why Choose Family Constellations with Yildiz?

Many people have tried to resolve their issues in many ways prior to coming to family constellations. If your issue has its roots in your family system or formative years Family Constellations is designed to help you find the root of it as well as the resolution powerfully and quickly.

What is different about Family Constellations is that it helps you reset your inner map of how you view and do life. It assists you improving poorly formed attachment bonds for a better relationship with yourself and others. It is relatively quick.

You don’t have to bring the people of your issue with you. The process releases emotions and helps you find a better place with your own solutions.

Family Constellations with Yildiz – Example of  types of Issues that can be dealt with.


 Why do I always seem to attract the same kind of partner?

An Issue which comes up a lot in workshops. Issues like these can be resolved within Family Constellations.

This is a classical Family Constellations issue AND can be resolved by having a session with someone who is qualified and experienced as Yildiz.

Yildiz assists in resolving the pattern so you can start attracting a more appropriate people into your life.


Improve Relationships

Family Constellations with Yildiz

We all come into relationships from our own family system. We arrive with deep generational patterns that may inhibit successful relationships. Alternatively you come from a complex family such as fostering, adoption or a blended family it can be difficult to understand where you fit or where you belong. Either way, come to a Family Constellation workshop or private session.This may impact you as a parent or partner.

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What Holds you back from Success?

Family Constellations with Yildiz

You may be really good at what you do but for some reason are not getting the recognition you deserve. Alternatively, you may get the opportunities but keep sabotaging them. If you have already done work in trying ot deal with this but it persists it could be because it is a Systemic issue. A Business Constellation may assist you in resolving this pattern.

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Recover from Trauma

Family Constellations with Yildiz

Recovery is possible in only a few sessions

Recovery is possible in only a few sessions

Generational Trauma is real and many of us carry it. It may be experienced as anxiety, stress, depression and be the basis of poor self esteem and substance abuse and mental health issues. Many cultures have lost their homes and identiy through war or colonisation or exprienced famine or torture. It leaves a trail. Systemic Constellations is ideal for working with generational trauma

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Recovery From Sexual Abuse

]Recovery From SExual Abuse From Surviving to Thriving

If you come for a family where sexual abuse has taken place, this may also become aparant in yoru own life. It is possible to heal and to move on from sexual abuse such as incest or sexual assault. We now have ways of really helping you to  heal and get on with yoru life. This may take palc ein only a few sessions. See New Dawn for more information

Family Constellations with Yildiz sessions –

What is different?

Family Constellations session is:

  1. Not like a counselling or psychotherapy session.
  2. A process that is brief, experiential, solution-focused and effective.
  3. Does not re-traumatise you. It is gentle and safe.
  4. A higher fee because it is cost effective. Only a few sessions for an issue. Not months or years,

Family Constellations – Testimonials


“I didn’t know what to expect from a workshop because no one could explain it. I now know why. It has to be experienced to be believed and understood. My Constellation was so revealling and healing. I do feel different now and see my parents in a new way. Thanks Yildiz”   Jenny

“What a great workshop. It was so warm, and supportive. Such a safe place to look at such deep issues. I really loved Yildiz’s approach and her compassion. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is serious about change.” Dale

“I had a private Family Constellation session. I didnt know what to expect but very soon we were into a constellation. It took me to places of awareness that I dont think I could have accessed anywhere else. I am so greateful.” Mark

“My private online session was a revelation. I couldnt believe how quickly we were into the core of my problem. So deep and gentle. Its thr efirst tiem I have had an online session but would higly recommend this with Yildiz.”  Paula

“I went to the workshop with my husband. We each did a constellation and it has been so different ever since. We shed a lot of baggage that day and we are really working at building a better and deeper relationship now. I beleive we’ve saved our relationship.” Helen and Dave

Family Constellations and success

You may experience a family constellation on relationships of all kinds, your wellness or your ability to succeed. It will assist you in resolving any sabotage patterns that may be in the way.

Systemic Constellations Training is available


Family Constellations with Yildiz

Choose to do a Family Constellation in a Private session or Workshop

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Family Constellations and divorce

Moving on after separation or divorce.

One day workshops

Book in quickly as there are 6 constellations only in one day . You may come to do your own constellation or come as an observer or representative.

Representative places are also highly valuable in assisting you in your own issues and a good experience for those who are curious about the process. Mental health and relationship professional are welcome.
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Our policy in pricing – guarantee

You will have a family constellation if you book it.

We prefer to have two prices:

  • Higher for those doing a constellation
  • Lower those who wish to observe or be representatives

Some Constellations workshops have one price for all and no family constellations places booked. This frequently leaves many people disappointed. Especially, if they had an issue they wanted to work with.

Hence, two prices with us and be guaranteed to have a family constellation.

Representative places are also highly valuable in assisting you in your own issues and a good experience for those who are curious about the process.

Mental health and relationship professional are welcome.

Face to Face workshops

We have held some workshops online in the past but prefer face to face workshops.


We are holding Family Constellations Workshops in North Tamborine (Gold Coast hinterland).