What is Rapid Core Healing

What is Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing is:

Rapid. Fast and deep in accessing, resolving and integrating within one session at a time.

Core. Goes to the core of the problem.

Healing. Facilitates self-healing.

The process is holistic.

Works with your problem systemically (generationally) and personally within one fluid combined approach according to your needs. As it is tailored to your requirements.

An Holistic Integrative Approach. 

Rapid Core Healing trauma treatment

Rapid Core Healing

In  Rapid Core Healing I use:

Family Constellations for any systemic aspects underlying what you seek to change or heal. This is brief, energetic and experiential.
Suitable for:

Relationships. Repairing problematic bonding patterns.

Problematic patterns. Sabotage.

Generational trauma. Sexual abuse (incest)


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Emotional Mind Integration

Emotional Mind Integration for any personal (subconscious) aspects of what you seek to change or heal.

This is a neuro-trance psychotherapy that accesses the cause of an issue that has been created through problematic or traumatic situations that you have faced in life.

The process clears and integrate disturbances and trauma quickly, effectively and without traumatisation.

Suitable for:

Self-esteem (low self-worth)

Relational problems

Mental health, depression, anxiety, panic.

PTSD Trauma and sexual abuse-recovery.

Love Heals through Rapid Core Healing
Love Heals through Rapid Core Healing
About Trauma-Informed Treatment

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Rapid Core Healing is a combination approach of Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations to resolve issues in both the Personal and Systemic aspects of complex issues and traumas. A deep, holistic, experiential, holistic approach.
Most people require 2-4 sessions on average for a complex issue or trauma.
Not suitable for serious mental health diagoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personaloty disorder.