The latest in Mental Health Innovation
Emotional Mind Integration

What is Emotional Mind Integration?

The latest in mental health innovation. Emotional Mind integration (EMI) founded by Yildiz Sethi is a new powerful way of working with disturbances, mental health (depression, anxiety, panic), trigggers and PTSD trauma and sexual-abuse recovery.

The process is highly effective and efficient, requiring only a few sessions for complex issues. Details found in her book Rapid Core Healing HERE

What is Emotional Mind Integration suitable for?

Emotional Mind Integration is suitable for resolving disturbances, deep problematic emotional mind states and trauma that arise from experiences that have taken place in your personal life. Such experiences are frequently repressed in the personal subconscious mind and form triggers that arise in daily life, that affect the way you think, feel and behave.


The latest in Mental Health Innovation
Emotional Mind Integration, EMI

Emotional Mind Integration is a brief neuro-trance psychotherapy for elimination of conflicts, disturbances triggers. Trauma-informed processing of  PTSD and Sexual Assault recovery.

In only a few sessions for more than 90% of the people I see.

This is appropriate for a large proportion of the population in providing safe and quick assistance for permanent, positive change.

Particularly for people who are ready for change.

Why Talk Therapies are not the answer for deeper issues

Talk therapies frequently don’t assist is resolving deeper issues in a time and cost effective manner. This is because the cause of the problem is buried, in the subconscious mind, so its out of sight and awareness; but the disturbances persist.

Talk therapies work with the conscious mind, when the cause of many disturbing symptoms that come from  and traumatic situations in life

The Emotional Mind Integration process is designed for gentleness, safety, accuracy and effectiveness.

How do you know if this is right for you?

If you have already done a lot of a range of therapists and stillhave the symptoms it is time to choose a different approach that works at cause

Emotional Mind Integration is suitable for:

Bullying, triggers shame, helplessness, hopelessness, feelings of guilt, anger, sadness  depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self esteem, relationships and PTSD trauma and sexual assault recovery.  

Within each session love is included as part of the self healing process.

What People are Saying

“My rages were wrecking my life. I had tried many approaches including anger management sessions and courses. After EMI I noticed the difference straight away and so have my colleagues and family. So quick and easy. I cant tell you th erelief this has given me.”


“I have gone in and out of depression so many times since my teens. I have had treatment from my doctor and seen psychologists but nothing changed until I do Emotional Mind Integration with Yildiz 18 months ago. My depression is gone and I cope with the ups and downs of life so well now. Deep thanks”


“I am in my late 60’s and have suffered with anxiety for years. Just 3 sessions and I no longer have that anxiety. I cant tell you what a relief it is. What was left for me is  anger towards the medicos over the waste of so many years. I have seen numerous psychiatrists and psychologists adn tried many medications but nothing helped.
Do try EMI”


“Sexual abuse that had happened in my teens kept recurring in dreams and also in many ordinary situations like driving my car or watching TV, I had been to recovery groups ana therapy and been told that I would just have ot manage symptoms. After EMI that no longer happens and I am feeling so confident.” 


“My lack of confidence was a problem as I felt totally worthless. The EMI process revealed the causes and helped me resolve it and put it to rest. Its all behind me now and I feel really good about myself again.”