Cause profound
intimacy and connection for families.

As a health practitioner or coach you know that with your more challenging clients, often long term personal trauma arose from their family system. That’s why normal coaching or counselling doesn’t work.

How would you feel if you were consistently able to offer effective help for relationships of all kinds, including business, as well as recovery from depression, sabotage patterns and trauma, for those clients?

Training in Family Constellations will give you the means to have your clients :

  • Repair problematic relationships
  • Find a healthier place within the family system
  • Create healthy personal boundaries
  • Find inner harmony from which worthwhile relationships form
  • Improve their sense of worthiness
  • Resolve sabotage and blocks to success

Thus Family Constellation training enables practitioners to work with the underlying dynamics of a wide range of personal wellness issues as well as relationships couples, family, parenting, blended family, separation and divorce.

International Family Constellations Foundation Training

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In doing training with us you will be able to join IICT to register as a practitioner and purchase insurance to begin your practice.

If you are part of an organisation Family Constellations may be recognised as professional development.

The course consists of 3 Modules (3 days each):

  • Original family
  • Present family or situation
  • Private session in 3 specific formats

Also included are 4 workshop days (a total of 78 hours) that need to be completed to receive the Certificate of Professional Development.

On completion of the course you will be proficient to use this work in Groups/Workshops or Private practice on a one-to-one basis.

Family Constellation Training is suitable for:

  • Mental Health professionals – Counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, psychologist, hypnotherapist
  • Those who are interested in becoming a therapist
  • Coaches or those interested in personal development

About Yildiz

Yildiz Sethi has a deep psychotherapy background, and is an exceptional educator and trainer. She has over seventeen years in psychotherapy practice and was an educator at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology) for eight years.

Yildiz has trained with the founder Bert Hellinger and many other international trainers. She has been holding Family constellations workshops and private sessions for over twelve years and Family Constellations Training since 2008.

Yildiz is an author of personal development and psychotherapy and the founder of two psychotherapy modalities.

“I found this training profound and highly refreshing. It was so good to be with so many people of like mind and who were really genuine in wanting to really understand how family systems work and how to help people find their connection to love in such a healing way. A great experience.”



  • Working with Human systems systemically.
  • Recognizing the wide range of family dynamics that individuals are born into such as: Families. Couples. Divorce. Parenting. Blended families. One parent families. Adoption. Fostering. Sexual abuse. Victim and perpetrator energy.
  • Effects of a healthy strong or entangled mother or father on the family system.
  • The effects of war, migration, miscarriage, abortion, bankruptcy, early death of children.
  • Effects of Order, Loyalty, Entanglements, Blind Love, Conscience, Gilt and shame.
  • How dynamics are passed on.
    Healing sentences.
  • Helping clients find their best solutions so that they stand stronger as individuals with respect for themselves and their system.
  • Working phenomenological (with not knowing)
  • Ethical considerations for clients, representatives and the facilitator.
  • Duty of care for client.
  • Working with groups
  • Working with private individual sessions.