Feeling Alone in Your Relationship?

Does your relationship no longer excite you?

Have you had a string of failed relationships? 

Do regular misunderstandings make life difficult for you and your partner?

Relationships are the most important aspect of life for people.

We yearn to find a soul mate and the fulfilment from a selection of life’s great experiences, romance, passion and excitement, companionship, partnership and friendship.

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Yet even when you are fortunate enough to find your perfect soul mate, for some the journey together is not the dream life that was expected. Over time it became a struggle against hurt feelings from accumulated misunderstandings, disappointments, grievances and resentments.

Sometimes we settle for the ordinary, and tolerate empty, boring and drab situations, because we don’t think we can do any better. 

Directly resolving these all too common experiences, Rapid Core Healing Couples Therapy quickly uncovers and resolves repressed, hurt feelings, unspoken conflicts and undiscovered misunderstandings, to restore the spark at the heart of your relationship.

We recognise that human beings are social creatures and that every person is unique, so our relationships with our significant other are shaped by these things.

We achieve holistic harmony though nurturing the relationships we have with:

  • Ourselves
  • Our family of origin
  • Our partners

Why Couples Therapy?

Yildiz Sethi has worked as a counsellor for over 17 years. Yildiz has learned that most couples counselling is focused on communication and the sharing of repressed feelings. Whilst this approach is useful, if doesn’t resolve the underlying dynamics that each partner contributes to the relationship.

Rapid Core Healing is a brief and effective approach that identifies the core blocks quickly, allowing you to resolve issues quickly and permanently.

Tailored to your individual requirements, Rapid Core Healing couples therapy is… 

  • Brief
  • Powerful
  • Effective
  • Surprisingly impactful in other areas of your life.
“We were in conflict over our parenting. Through the RCH couple approach we have been on a journey of recovery and healing and are at last on the same page with our parenting style that has such a huge impact on our family life. Our three children are so much happier and we now have a more harmonious family life. Invaluable”.

-Vicky and Jerry.

“Although we loved each other we were drifting apart. We seemed to be on totally different pages. The sessions we had provided a personal breakthrough for each of us and we were able to resolve issues that seemed very hard at the time. Somehow we came through and are closer than ever. A rich journey! ”

Jane and Terry

“We had come to the end of our time together and we wanted to separate in the best way possible for the sake of our children. WE resolved a lot of our differences and were able to let each other go and are creating a collaboration to make it possible for us to co parent cooperatively. That is a blessing.”

Jason and Lillian

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