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Rapid Core Healing (RCH) – A Revolutionary approach to Mind Healing and change for the twenty first century. Yildiz is the founder of RCH and EMI.

Rapid Core Healing is a two pronged approach  of EMI Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations to deal with both personal, individual and also systemic issues in one approach (modality).

RCH is embedded in a philosophy that is highly influenced by Family Constellations, humanistic psychotherapy, phenomenology and faith in innate human resources.

This makes RCH a wholistic dual approach for helping people become more empowered to be who they want to be and live fuller more vibrant and enjoyable lives.

This approach  allows you to work seamlessly with a wide range of human personal, relational and generational issues effectively and quickly.

RCH Is A dual modality

1 Family Constellations for family systems issues.

Family systems issues are deep systemic patterns that exist in family and ancestral consciousness.s.This process takes place in groups or private sessions.

2 EMI (Emotional Mind Integration) for personal/individual issues.

EMI is a psychotherapeutic hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues and takes place in private sessions. More Detail

The personal issues addressed in EMI are those that have occurred through the biography of a person’s life. These may be events, choices, situations and trauma. These are not systemic and would not benefit from a Family Constellation approach.

E.G. a person who carries the trauma of sexual abuse or a car accident in their youth are issues that are personal and traumatic and not necessarily coming from the family system. These may be resolved relatively quickly with EMI in up to 3-5 sessions for most.

These modalities compliment each other, as EMI is perfect for individual conflicts and trauma, while Family Constellation works with generational patterns.

RCH Philosophy

Family Constellation theory and practice has greatly informed RCH and EMI philosophy. This means you don’t have to train in specific modalities for normal personal counselling issues such as depression, anxiety, or parenting, family, couples, sexual abuse or trauma, with each coming from a different philosophical base. RCH is a unified wholistic dual approach to address human need and the human experience.

Why do we need this change?

While talk and emotionally focused, expressive therapies, Gestalt, Solution focused, Psychodynamic and CBT and others were revolutionary in their time, they are dated and not equipped to locate deep core issues quickly with accuracy and precision. Further they do not provide specific Healing Pathways for each client’s unique trauma or situation in a unified wholistic approach that is in keeping with up to date neuroscience and epigentics findings.

Even though I love Family Constellations I found not all issues stem from the family system and could not be resolved in this way.

Are you a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker or hypnotherapist?

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Development of RCH

Through a process of sifting, sorting, integrating and the fine-tuning of former modalities with knowledge from neuroscience and epigenetics along with hypnosis, EMI emerged.

This led to the development of RCH (EMI + Family Constellations to create a new direction for the future of psychotherapy and personal growth.

What is EMI?

In my experience the roots of deep personal issues are usually repressed in the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a viable and rapid process when utilised with an effective psychotherapy, to access the unconscious mind and the cause of a deep personal issue with precision and accuracy, within a session.

EMI training equips the practitioner with a philosophy, theory, practice and the knowledge of naturally occurring Pathways of Healing that the client may be guided through to recovery.

EMI deals with the resolution of Disturbed Emotional Mind States. This includes emotions, thoughts, solutions and integration that assist the client in finding new perspectives and meaning, rapidly.

This combination is a powerful and integrated modality to work with people on many levels with great success and will enhance your success as a practitioner or enable you to become an RCH practitioner. More Details

RCH course Objectives

A brief dual psychotherapy for relationships, depression, anxiety and panic attacks and trauma. The objective of the course is to enable participants to integrate their knowledge of Family Constellations workshop and private sessions with Emotional mind integration in order to gain a rounded wholistic knowledge and skill to work with individuals wholistically with both relational, ancestral and personal issues.
RCH applicants must complete

  1. EMI training
  2. Family Constellations training
  3. RCH final integration module

RCH Skills

  • Recognise if the issue presented in individual or systemic.
  • Be able to use FC and EMI skills and knowledge competently.
  • Integrate FC and EMI skills and knowledge whern required.
  • Integrate troubled EM states and systemic consciousness into the personality

RCH Course presentation

Delivery of the course will be through Lecture, Power point, Group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, group practice.

Issues relevant for the treatment of  RCH

Inner conflicts, mental health issues such a depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, trauma, the underlying dynamics of addiction and the recovery of sexual abuse and couples, family and relationship issues.

Yildiz Sethi is the creator of the modalities of EMI and RCH

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