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Rapid Core Healing in a nutshell – founder Yildiz Sethi


Rapid Core Healing is a master dual psychotherapy founded by Yildiz Sethi 2016, that locates the roots of human emotional and psychological disturbances and facilitates self-healing through neural healing pathways and core relationship bonds. Rapid Core Healing is a complete psychotherapy modality with its own philosophy, theory and practice for a wide range of personal and generational issues and trauma requires only a few sessions for each complex issue. This includes and a wide range of relationship, mental health, disturbances and trauma-based issues for a large proportion of the population.

Rapid Core Healing is a holistic approach.

The underlying philosophy of Rapid Core Healing is that the mind, body and soul are interconnected and it’s important to work on all levels, for holistic, deep, self-healing and clearing.

Why Rapid Core Healing evolved

Rapid Core Healing has arisen as an alternative, present-day psychotherapeutic modality to assist people through a brief, experiential and solution-focused approach for common ailments, disturbances and trauma-based issues, that large proportions of the population are struggling with.

History of psychotherapy

Sigmund Freud was the first to introduce the idea of talk-therapy as a  therapeutic process. He believed that over time, repressed disturbances could arise, so that they may be understood and may lead to better mental health outcomes. Following Freud, a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches evolved. These were generally wide and varied, long-term treatments, frequently spanning years of psychotherapy, with often questionable results.  These early psychotherapies were privately run and available to those who could afford them.  

Making mental health available to all

After the second world war in around the 1960’s, Cognitive Behavioural therapies were developed to address a cheaper, government service for the general population. The Medical mental model is made up General Practitioners, psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists with psychologists using cognitive behavioural therapy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) is based on several beliefs.

  1. Once disturbed, the brain can’t be healed and so the best that can be done is to attempt to manage symptoms.
  2. Because it is difficult to work with emotions or repressed psychological issues and emotions (due to limited knowledge and skills in these areas by people in this field), the focus was aimed at attempting to change or manage behaviour and cognitions (manage symptoms).

This formed the present-day medical model that is dominant in many areas of the world at present. A system consisting of diagnosis of mental health disorders, with cognitive behavioural therapies that use strategies and tools, aimed at managing problematic symptoms of thoughts and behaviour.

In this system patients with a diagnosis often receive medication along with CBT, often for life.

CBT claims verification through psychological research and experimentation involved in understanding animal and human behaviour. This is the basis of evidence-based research and practice, that is often used to validate cognitive behavioural therapies. However as discussed in my boook Rapid Core Healing, this research only focuses its own ways of working and doesnt look at new developments outside this sphrere generally.If psychological research was truly scientific in being evidence-based, it would open its doors to what’s taking place outside its limited view of mental health possibilities. Rapid Core Healing book

Present day thinking in mind science

Latest studies have shown that the core of human psychological problems are often repressed emotional content from formative years, family of origin patterns, or repressed disturbances, emotions and trauma from lived experiences.

It is now shown by neuroscience that the conscious mind is only around seven percent of the mind, with the rest being subconscious.
This means that most of the problematic thoughts, experiences or feelings are repressed in the subconscious mind. Beyond our awareness.

This means that attempting to use conscious logic-based strategies to work with conscious negative outcomes that we find in daily life such as problematic beliefs, illogical thoughts, feelings, symptoms or behaviour, is not likely to be productive, because there is no attempt to deal with the causes of the problems. Hence the need for constant management and often a lifetime mental health diagnoses with medication in working with conscious symptoms only.
Further, while more understanding may raise awareness of symptoms through CBT, it often does not result in a remedy or cure.

The Mind is a Treasure Trove

The good news is the subconscious and generational mind are not only the source of problems, but also a treasure trove of wisdom, creativity, innovation and possibilities. When these are elicited, they can result in creative and effective solutions and new possibilities in a client centred way, that is adaptable for each person. From this place, a deeper understanding of oneself and others may lead to self-healing and allow new perspectives to materialise.
Resulting in more freedom to move forward with more confidence and the potential for better relationships.

The Medical Model remains stoic

The medical model and the universities concerning mental health education continue to look backwards in holding on to old outdated and disproved theories and not take neuroscience into the centre of theory and practice.

Present day facts about mental Health

  1. Neuroscience shows that the brain and mind do have the capacity to heal for most of the population.
  1. The mind is mostly subconscious – 93%.
  1. Most of the problems are repressed in the subconscious mind. Triggers arise from the core of problems in the subconscious to conscious mind as periodic triggers, disturbing thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  1. In addition another stream of disturbances and trauma are passed through generations as shown by current epigenetic studies
  1. Rapid Core Healing involves methodologies that have been developed from many hours of working with clients to find what goes wrong and what is required to assist in recovery, healing or growth. These are effective and fast acting techniques available in modalities developed in the present. Designed to locate the core of problematic symptoms in the subconscious mind. Utilising present day scientific and mind science knowledge, techniques and skills to facilitate release and self-healing in short-term psychotherapeutic interventions.
  1. A key Rapid Core Healing philosphical principle is that human beings are sentient beings that thrive on Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy and suffer when these are missing.
  1. Human beings have the capacity for resilience and the growth of wisdom through the tragedies of life with appropriate support that encourages them to discover their own solutions and enhance confidence, dignity and autonomy.

    Yildiz’s experience of more than twenty years of working with clients 

    Yildiz Sethi’s experience with her clients since 2000, showed her that human beings carry two strands of potential disturbances and trauma, that can hold them back from a healthy mind balance. The disturbances and traumas that people hold generally, have their roots in either the family system, or personal life choices, experiences, or both. She recognised that each of these roots require a specific approach for accurate and effective treatment.  

    What is Rapid Core Healing?

    Rapid Core Healing is composed of two modalities that form a two-pronged approach: These are Emotional Mind Integration founded by Yildiz Sethi and Family Constellations founded by Bert Hellinger.

    Family Constellations

    Family Constellations is a powerful, phenomenological, experiential modality that provides pathways out of the disturbances, burdens, patterns and trauma inherited from the family system and facilitates a healthier reconnection to the love therein, to nurture a sense of worthiness. Worthiness is at the core of self-esteem and success. The Family Constellation process may take place in workshops or private sessions 

    Emotional Mind Integration

    Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is a complete neuro-trance-psychotherapy. EMI is a modality with its own philosophy, theory, processes and techniques for individual issues and trauma. It is body-based, collaborative and client centred.  It focuses on the presenting issue, locates the source and guides the client to find their best solution and is completed by an integration process. All within a 60-minute session for each disturbed neural pathway. This is a fusion of phenomenology, counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, ego state therapy and aspects of Family Constellation theory and practice and neuroscience into an elegant and streamlined series of processes through Rapid Core Healing pathways.

    Rapid Core Healing, a holistic approach

    The Rapid Core Healing modality operates within each sub modality seamlessly and alternates where appropriate. In this way it guides and accommodates the requirements and processing of the client’s self-healing processes through a range of Family Constellation and Emotional Mind Integration techniques and completes each session with integration.  

    Rapid Core Healing (RCH) arises out of a phenomenological framework and is a fusion of former psychotherapies and hypnotherapy that is brief, experiential and solution-focused. RCH philosophy comes out of the human requirements for love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy. These are seen as a foundation for wellbeing, with their absence being the foundation of dis-ease.

    RCH methodology utilises the knowledge that has come out of neuroscience that shows that the brain is neuroplastic with the ability to heal. This means that change and healing is possible for most of us and all we have to do, is source methodologies to facilitate positive change for the most part.   

    Rapid Core Healing is at the forefront of psychotherapy developments for the twenty first century and suitable for a wide range of mental health, personal development and trauma recovery. 

    Rapid Core Healing is cost-effective in providing treatment suitable for  a large proportion of the population in fewer sessions.  

    I visualise a time when disturbances are resolved as quickly as they arise so no one has to deal with the resultant limitations of mental illness diagnoses if what they are struggling with may be resolved relatively quickly and thoroughly in processes that lead to self-healing and growth throughout life.

    Yildiz provides sessions and training in Rapid Core Healing, Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations and trauma recovery with extensive research and case studies is presented in Yildiz’s latest book Rapid Core Healing pathways to growth and emotional healing. Using the unique Dual approach for personal and systemic health (2016) is available on More Information Amazon.

    About the Founder

    Yildiz Sethi is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellation facilitator and trainer, educator and author.

    She created Rapid Core Healing from her studies and practice of a range of modalities and her experience with clients, in her search to find more effective and efficient ways to assist people with psychological healing, recovery and growth. She  specialises in recovery of trauma, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, cause of addiction and couples’ therapy.

    Yildiz Sethi. Master Counselling, Dip Hypnotherapy, Educator, Author, Founder Rapid Core Healing, Emotional Mind Integration and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment for Personal and Systemic Trauma recovery

    If you would like to know more about Rapid Core Healing https://rapidcorehealing.com   


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