RCH International training information

Brisbane Hypnotherapy

Rapid Core Healing – International Personal and Systemic training

If you would like to do our training, but do not live in Australia, you may join our existing trainings. Alternatively, if have a group of people in your area who would like to take part, contact me to see if it is possible to organise a training for you in your location online.


With the knowledge and skills of Rapid Core Healing, you will be able to work deeply and effectively in a wide range of areas and create a good business with many satisfied customers.


You will be able to work truly wholistically with people who have stubborn issues and problems in both the personal or systemic spheres for shifts, break-throughs  and integration……Quickly.  Just a few sessions for most (excluding those with serious DS5 diagnoses such as schizophrenia etc).


You will be able to work with

Trauma and Sexual Abuse Recovery, Relationships, Mental Health and Personal Development