Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration

Yildiz Sethi is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration EMI. Emotional Mind Integration hypnosis is a brief neurotherapy for the resolution of “normal” emotional triggers, such as, anger, resentment, sadness and grief. These are known in EMI as disturbed Emotional Mind States that we as human beings carry from upsetting life experiences until they are released or resolved.

This is appropriate for a large proportion of the population in providing safe and quick assistance for permanent positive change for people who are ready to move into a better place. People who have had enough of suffering.

EMI is presented in Yildiz’s Book Rapid Core Healing

Suitable Issues

Sabotage patterns, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, conflicts, mind set, emotional disturbances, recovery of trauma including PTSD and Sexual abuse


EMI is based in the sound philosophy that human beings require:
Love, Connection, Safety, Justice, Dignity and Autonomy to enable health and optimism in life. Where these are missing often leads to problems. EMI is a powerful way of resolving disturbances, triggers and trauma. It facilitates the self-healing of shocks and resolution of messages from the past for a healthier sense of self for today and into the future.

Many ask. What is the difference between Emotional Mind Integration and Systemic Constellations?
EMI is designed to resolve disturbances that have occurred from the choices and experiences you have had in life. Whereas Family Constellations works with you in the context of the family system  in working with any systemic generational patterns that you carry.

What is Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing works with both, personal and systemic in one modality.

emi help

Emotional Mind Integration EMI is designed to locate the source of an issue along neuropathways and facilitate going to its core, finding resolutions and integration within each session.

EMI revolutionises the treatment of repressed emotional states, conflicts and trauma related issues and the recovery of sexual abuse. Ideal for conflicts, depression, anxiety, panic, trauma, sexual abuse. See New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse

A session of EMI: Utilises a light trance to relax the mind so that EMI neurotherapy can engage and work with the core of issues in a way that resolves and does not cause re-traumatisation.

It is a structured series of processes designed to ensure safety and works with the unconscious mind for quick results.


Emotional Mind Integration

Emotional Mind Integration is a revolutionary new approach and way of thinking about what causes disturbances and what is required for recovery. EMI provides effective accurate methodologies for recovery and is very much in keeping with the latest in neuroscince.

EMI philosophy says Emotional Mind States are formed throughout life. Most of them are functional, while some are formed under difficult or stressful situations and remain frozen in the psyche and body as Disturbed Emotional Mind States and are easily triggered into unwanted reactions and feelings.This can play havoc in relationships and on your sense of confidence and wellbeing. Such disturbances are frequently repressed in the unconscious mind ,therefore are not so accessibe to counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy or coaching and many other therapies accurately and quickly. Further, the EMI process has unique methodologies for processing the images, feelings, beliefs involved in the diturbed state in one integrated process. This means that many neurons fire-off simultaneously in forming new neural pathways to recovery. EMI is accurate, deep and fast.

The EMI process has been designed by Yildiz Sethi to quickly locate the causal event via neural pathways into the unconscious mind and further, to resolve and integrate them into awareness. This takes place quickly along your own healing pathways to wellness. The process clears one neural pathway at a time for an issue. Most complex issues require 3-5 sessions for resolution

Conflicts and triggers

Resolve conflicts and triggers

Life is complex and so are we. If you have triggers into feelings, thoughts or discomfort in your daily life Emotional Mind Integration will quickly and gently assist you in resolving them.  This may require 3-5 sessions for each issue.

You may book One session or a 3 session package with a 10% discount if you pay for 3 sessions in one payment.

EMI Sessions:

  • Are unique-not like other thereapies.
  • Require only a few sessions
  • Cost more than counselling because it is a brief process. 



Depression recovery is possible. You may have tried counselling or Cognitive behavioural therapy and still suffer with depression. Each depression is unique and the mind has the power to heal itself. With Emotional Mind Integration I will guide you to your own healing pathways as all healing is self-healing. With EMI clearing one neural pathway each session.  3-5 sessions are recommended.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Emotional Mind Integration is a powerful way of resolving the underlying cause and integrating it safely and gently into your mind.

Panic attack is something that responds very well to Emotional Mind Integration.

3-5 sessions are required for most for a positive result.

Trauma and Sexual Abuse recovery

Trauma recovery

Trauma including PTSD from accidents or shocking situations is ideal for the EMI process, neurotrance psychotherapy clears one neural pathway at a time of trauma.

Recovery From Sexual Abuse is now possible with Emotional MInd Integration. This deep and gentle approach requires onky a few sessions to really make a difference.

3-5 sessions normally required.

Resolving blocks to success

Perhaps you have tried many things to resolve those deep inner blocks or sabotage patterns. With Emotional Mind Integration I have the means to locate the blocks and assist you in resolving them for deep change. EMI clears one neural pathway at a time. 3-5 sessions normally required.

What people are saying

Anger issues

“My rages were wrecking my life. I had tried many approaches including anger management sessions and courses. After EMI I noticed the difference straight away and so have my colleagues and family. So quick and easy. I cant tell you th erelief this has given me.” Jack


“I have gone in and out of depression so many times since my teens. I have had treatment from my doctor and seen psychologists but nothing changed until I do Emotional Mind Integration with Yildiz 18 months ago. My depression is gone and I cope with the ups and downs of life so well now. Deep thanks”  Hilary


“I am n my late 60’s and have suffered with anxiety for years. Just 3 sessions and I no longer have that anxiety. I cant tell you what a relief it is. What was left for me is  anger towards the medicos over the waste of so many years. I have seen numerous psychiatrists and psychologists adn tried many medications but nothing helped.Do try EMI” June

Sexual Abuse

“Sexual abuse that had happened in my teens kept recurring in dreams and also in many ordinary situations like driving my car or watching TV, I had been to recovery groups ana therapy and been told that I would just have ot manage symptoms. After EMI that no longer happens and I am feeling so confident.” Mary

Poor self esteem

“My lack of confidence was a problem as I felt totally worthless. The EMI process revealed the causes and helped me resolve it and put it to rest. Its all behind me now and I feel really good about myself again.”


3-5 sessions are advised for most issues to make sure all of the neural pathways associated with the issue are covered. This is suitable for most of the population but not for serious mental health issues such as schizophrenia. Please contact me if you have any questions about its suitability for you.

Emotional Mind Integration Training is available