Rapid Core Healing training

Readiness for change- What does this mean?

It can be felt as a little hard or even ‘client blaming’ to some. Let’s see what is meant by this and why it’s so vital to the therapeutic process.

As a younger therapist I really wanted to help my people, ‘my tribe’ make the changes that could free them to live better lives. I knew that many couldn’t afford my services or any services. So would sometimes do a session or a treatment program for free. With the intention of giving them a break, a way out of their dilemmas of helping them overcome what had happened to them. There is no doubt that many people are born into very disadvantaged circumstances.

What is the main problem?

It didn’t work. For most there was no effect and no change. Also little or no appreciation of what I’d given. My time, hard earned knowledge and skills.

There are several levels of change that we all require in order to recover from ailments. We need assistance at the required level in order to remediate presenting problems.

Taken from -Levels of Disease and Healing Chapter 22

‘Following is a table showing the five levels of human experience with examples of the treatment approaches and the healing levels taken from the work of Klinghardt:



Fifth: Soul

Self-healing, prayer/Meditation

Fourth: Unconscious and systemic mind, family system

Family constellations, Jungian psychotherapy

Third: Mind


Second: Neurons

Homeopathy, Acupuncture

First: Physical

Medicine, Physical therapy



Klinghardt’s work shows how disease can manifest at different levels of the human experience. He also shows the suggested level of effective intervention. ‘Rapid Core Healing. Y Sethi 2016 Details

The first level is physical.


We need to look after our body. Make sure it receives good nutrition and exercise to keep us in top condition. This includes setting bones that are broken. Providing supplements and dietary advice and medicines to assist our body in recovery, if it’s out of balance. This is a vital health service

The second level is working with the nervous system and the meridians to reset, or release blocks at a deeper energetic or neural level.

The third is working with the mind. The stories we have of ourselves. Providing a safe place to debrief or explore our inner world, to free us up or allow self-healing to take place.

The fourth is working subliminally. With what we’ve suppressed that holds us back. Klinghardt mentioned Family Constellations as a brief way of going deeply into the systemic mind to assist in resetting or reprograming. He also mentioned Jungian psychotherapy as a more extended deep therapy that attempts to do the same, but frequently over many months or years. I would also add here hypnotherapy to level 4 for brief therapeutic interventions.

The fifth is working with the soul in Self-healing, prayer and meditation. These may also result in self-healing and miracle cures for some.

Lets consider these levels. When we go to a doctor we expect they will use their knowledge and tests to diagnose our problem and give a prescription to manage symptoms or even cure our ailments. If the problem rests at this level, we may take their advice or medications and our health recovers.

If this is not sufficient, because the cause of our ailment is not physical, we may go on or own journey of finding other healers. Healers who work with the meridians, chakras, nervous system or energy. Often we will lie down and they will do their work so we may receive it. The client is often passive in allowing the practitioner to do all the work here.

The same with working with the mind and psychotherapy, particularly if we know that the body is governed primarily and the brain and the power of the mind. The beliefs we have and how we were conditioned in family, society, religion or by events in life. Counselling and psychotherapies  may be helpful to many, but may not assist in resolving deeper problems that have been repressed in the unconscious mind or in the systemic mind. The mind is only 7% conscious according to latest research 

Hence the fourth and most of all the fifth level of going much deeper can render amazing results for some. They require much more readiness to be present and willingness to engage than the lower levels.

Let’s look at what is going on here. The lower levels of treatment particularly the physical, work if there is a relatively simple physical solution. Something can be fixed or supplemented. However, as we go higher up the table the emphasis moves away from the practitioner to the client or patient. They are required to come forward from a deeper level, to co create their healing with what is being offered.

Even though many may be in terrible physical, emotional or mental pain they are frequently not ready to really look at themselves, their thoughts, the pain they’ve supressed in order to become responsible for their own self-healing. They frequently prefer to stay with their medications or diagnoses in accepting that nothing can be done other than manage their symptoms. To them it seems easier than the alternative.

If practitioners can offer healing pathways out of such pain, who have the appropriate knowledge and skills and most of all the maturity to know that they are not healers, but rather someone who can guide people to their own healings, if the client chooses to meet them half way, this changes the expectations and the dynamics of the healing process completely. Such clients have reached the point of having suffered enough. Will do anything to feel better. Are now at the point of readiness for change.

If I offer such people a session, they are more than willing to pay and receive amazing results that are frequently life changing. The payment is a karmic exchange that the soul is aware of, at a deep level of knowing. Payment given to receive undivided attention and help with their mind and soul to move through a deeply painful issue to a better place.


  • In poorer countries payment is often made according to circumstance, from a handful of rice to money. This preserves some level of dignity.


  • We also need to consider if they are ready to come out of their issue. They may prefer to stay in their victim state, it has become their identity. If they don’t want this anymore they will seek real help.


  • Other people telling them what to do may create a resistance,


  • They need to make this choice from within


This was a deeply significant learning for me at an early stage of my career as a therapist and made me realise who my real clients were. From this came the motivation to find the skills and knowledge to really make a difference in as short, effective and safe way as I could do, to offer great value.

I have never accepted that such self -healing needs to take place slowly. This idea that change mat be fast is shown by neuroscience research. Deep complex trauma or long term issues does not mean that such issues require a long time to resolve.

Having spent my life sourcing and developing effective methodologies I know there is only so many people I can help in my practice and so I am at the point in my life when I’m sharing my knowledge so that many more of us can be delivering great services to those who are ready for change. Knowing that those who are not ready for this level of change, can be adequately catered for in the medical and mental health systems at the levels they are ready to receive.

I offer Family Constellations trainings, Levels 1.  And Deepening level 2 and also advanced trainings of Disease and Health Constellations, Business Constellations and SCRT Systemic Couples and Relationship Therapy for couples and therapists.

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With many more well-equipped therapists offering self-healing to those who have reached the point of being ready for change the public can receive a new pathway for their self-healing and continuing growth.