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Do you:

  • Long for a better relationship?
  • Find it difficult to keep a partner?
  • Find misunderstandings cause disharmony even though you love each other?

Have you tried hard to make it work and are at the point where you know it can’t go on as it is?

RCH Couples

“We were in conflict over our parenting. Through the RCH couple approach we have been on a journey of recovery and healing and are at last on the same page with our parenting style that has such a huge impact on our family life. Our thee children are so much happier and we now have a more harmonious family life. Invaluable”.

Vicky and Jerry

“Although we loved each other we were drifting apart. We seemed to be on totally different pages. The sessions we had provided a personal breakthrough for each of us and we were able to resolve issues that seemed very hard at the time. Somehow we came through and are closer than ever. A rich journey.”

Jane and Terry

“We had come to the end of our time together and we wanted to separate in the best way possible for the sake of our children. WE resolved a lot of our differences and were able to let each other go and are creating a collaboration to make it possible for us to co parent cooperatively. That is a blessing. “

Jason and Lillian

“My husband and I sought out Yildiz after reading an article she wrote on Linked in about traditional modes of couples therapy versus family constellations and emotional mind integration. As individuals, we’ve both done a lot of therapy in the past, and at this stage in our lives, we are both more inclined toward living from the heart (spiritually) rather than talking through everything that’s in our minds. Yildiz and her approaches were such a good fit for us. We had a total of 6 sessions with her,Megan and Tyler and the issue we brought to her has improved dramatically—not Online USAby talking about it a hundred different ways, but by addressing the individual triggers we were both holding onto from our pasts. There is a lot more spaciousness and ease between us and our relationship is healing. We are so grateful to have worked with Yildiz, and we won’t hesitate to contact her if we run into other difficulties.

Thank you again for all you shared with us, Yildiz.

Megan and Tyler Online USA


Relationships are the spice of life.

When they go well life is full and rich.

When they do not go well, life can be empty and sad.

If you would like some help with relationships of any kind. With RCH you can become better at relating and connecting with others, however if the others concerned are choosing not to connect it can help you come to a more accepting peaceful place with it.

Couples help
  1. Love relationships,
  2. Family
  3. Friendships
  4. Work
  5. Parenting
  6. RCH may be perfect choice.

At RCH we know that when we enter a relationship we do so with many expectations and desires. We often feel we have met our soulmate in the early days, but as time goes on differences and misunderstandings emerge and feelings get hurt. This may result in withdrawal, anger, resentment and the relationship going into crisis.

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) couple therapy is a new approach that helps couples sort out hurt feelings and misunderstandings that goes way beyond looking at communication and expressing feelings. This is  solution focused, experiential, resolves unconscious conflicts and brief.

What goes wrong?

rch family

Couples help

Most couples come for help saying that their communication has broken down. While this may indeed be true it is often the case that the break down in communication and understanding is due to a clash in the dynamics that each bring with them into the relationship from their past and or family of origin.

In every couple there are the individuals with their personalities, expectations, desires, communication styles, beliefs and emotional states. A couple may be highly compatible in some areas and conflictual in others. This can be very confusing.

In every couple there are three relationships to work with. The relationship with:

  1. Themselves
  2. Their family of origin
  3. With each other

The RCH couples approach locates and assists you in resolving the underlying dynamics that are operating between you. These are largely unconscious and slow to be revealed by counselling alone.

The Benefits of choosing RCH Couples Therapy

As a counsellor of 2000, I know that most couples counselling involves focusing on communication and sharing of feelings. For deeper issues this is insufficient to resolve the underlying dynamics of what each of the couple contribute to the relationship. For this reason I have developed RCH couples therapy that is a relatively brief approach that goes to core issues quickly and assists you in finding your best resolutions.

  •  I know that your inner state, emotional, psychological and life experiences greatly impacts how you relate to your loved ones. I have unique ways of working with you in the individual sessions to resolve these so that when we go back to the couples situations we can deal with the connection and creating what you want to create with your partner. This saves a lot of time and money and is much less painful to both of you.
  • RCH couples therapy is Brief
  • Highly powerful and effective
  • Provides deep personal development as part of the process.
  • Sessions are tailored to your requirements.

RCH Couples Therapy Package

Involves  package of sessions at a  time. A combination of couples sessions and individual sessions each to assist in resolving the issues that each of the couple bring with them from their own life experience and family of origin and then session four together. This cycle may be repeated or altered according to the needs of the couple.

This provides a safe space to resolve the personal issues that impact on the couple or their family and also on the relationship itself in a respectful and confidential manner.

There are two styles of Couples help you may receive.

Couples Counselling, RCH Couples sessions and Gold Couples packages.

Both take the format as shown above.

Make a choice between Gold Package or a single couples counselling (talk therapy only) session to see if this is the right pathway for you

GOLD RCH Couples 4 session package

Gold involves two couples sessions, and one individual sessions for each of the couple . The Individual sessions consisting of  Rapid Core Healing EMI /Family Constellations to assist you in resolving personal triggers and emotions that are impacting your relationship and your sense of wellbeing. This combination of couples/individual sessions may be adjusted to specific couple requirements.

The individual sessions are made up of Rapid Core Healing EMI / Family Constellations  to assist you in resolving the personal and family patterns you may be carrying from your original family that may be coming between you.

Alternatively book in for one couples counselling preparitaory session to see if this is the right pathway for you before booking in a package.

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Family Constellations Course

What saddens me about couples

Is that they often leave it far too late to address their problems. Leave it until the level of resentment and cut-off has gone too far.

The other thing that couples consider is the costs of therapy.

They dont stop to think how much, not sorting it out would cost. Separation, divorce, loss of property and child maintenance. With the will and an attitude of being open, so much can be done to not only save, but to renew relationships to another level for many.

Of course, some relationships have reached their end. Help here can help you have the best separation possible, so you can move on in your life and ensure children are taken care of.