Sexual Abuse Recovery with Rapid Core Healing Practical Trauma Informed Treatment (PTIT)

“From Surviving To Thriving”

Sexual Abuse Recovery Training with Yildiz Sethi

This training  provides the knowledge and skills to process the complex trauma of sexual abuse or assault Deeply, Gently and efficiently.

So victims may go to from Surviving to Thriving quickly.

Trauma may be divided into two categories.

Individually acquired trauma with EMI.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) holds a guided safe space for self-healing from trauma that has taken place in life experiences that includes empowerment.

Generational Trauma with Family Constellations

Sexual abuse is frequently linked into the family system and so Family Constellations is vital in areas of sexual abuse recovery.

Rapid Core Healing integrates Systemic Family Constellations and EMI into one fluid integrated process.

Suitable for mental health professonals, psychologists, counsellors, clinical hypnotherapists, social workers – People who help people.

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Rapid Core Healing

From Victim, to Survivor, to Thriving with Rapid Core Healing™

Sexual Assault or sexual abuse deos not have to ruin peoples lives or be a life long sentence with Rapid Core Healing Sexual Abuse training.

This is trauma informed deeply effective trauma recovery in only a few sessions.

  • The training is unique.
  • Deep, effective, accurate and gentle.
  • Designed to avoid re-traumatisation.
  • Trauma informed processing.
  • Rapid recovery,
  • Training with the founder Yildiz

What is the difference between trauma-informed counselling and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment?

The difference is in the word Practical.

Within each training you will received Trauma Informed knowledge and most of all Practical Trauma informed processing techniques and processing skills.

For Personal and generational trauma recovery.

Rapid Core Healing Training includes

  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellations
  • Rapid Core Healing Final
    with embedded Practical Trauma Informed Treatment throughout

Trauma Processing Training

About Trauma Informed Therapy

Generational trauma
Generational trauma
Generational trauma

Benefits you gain from RCH Mastery training
and Practical Trauma Informed Treatment -PTIT 

  • International Online Recovery From Sexual Abuse
  • Full Training (3 certificate courses) RCH triple mastery.
  • Become skilled in sexual abuse and trauma recovery.
  • Training takes place in 3 certification trainings
  • Upskill from being trauma informed to trauma skilled in facilitating the fast self-healing of clients.
  • Or add sexual abuse recovery to your range of skills as a therapist or coach.
  • Gain the understanding, skills and knowledge to work in this area with compassion and confidence.
  • Receive revolutionary and effective applications to sexual abuse/recovery.
  • Avoid burn-out and vicarious trauma while being present for your clients.
  • Be able to work with trauma without re-traumatisation
  • On completion you will receive 3 certificates
    Add training to your insurance and start working straight away.
  • Payment Plans avaialble with
Rapid Core Healing Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

Trauma Recovery with Rapid Core Healing

A new Trauma Informed therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma Recovery

 Over 20 years I have developed a unique way of working with trauma and the recovery from sexual abuse. This has developed out my own studies and most of all through my clients.  Rapid Core Healing™ is a self-healing process that is facilitated by a practitioner that requires only a few sessions (for most clients). Not suitable for serious DSM5 mental health diagnoses such as schizophrenia etc.

The philosophy, theory and practice of the triple mastery of Rapid Core Healing is unique and is available only through Yildiz Sethi.

With this training you may transform your business and really make a difference to the people who seek you help.

The training involves the best from the masters of the past in therapeutic knowledge. It is joined with the latest in neuroscience and epigenetic. And put into practice with up to date knowledge of mind science and developments in current psychotherapy.

RCH is trauma informed, effective guiding rapid processing, that is well structured for safety, without re-traumatisation. This normally requires only a few sessions. 

Emotional Mind Integration and Systemic Family Constellations may stand in their own right as powerful and effective modalities to use with your clients. However, when they are combined they create a wholistic and powerful integration for fast, deep self-healing for transgenerational and personal conflicts and the trauma people hold.

What does Rapid Core Healing Consist of?

Rapid Core Healing training consists of:

1 Family Constellations practitioner training

2 Emotional Mind Integration practitioner training

3 Rapid Core Healing practitioner training final.
DON’T Purchase this final  module unless you have completed Family Constellation and Emotional Mind Integration with us.  Ask any questions HERE

Details of RCH training

RCH Online learning

  • You will receive the course Rapid Core Healing ebook.
  • The training consists of online Modules, videos, download information, quizzes/tasks and reading to do at your own pace, as long as you complete all modules up to the date of your experiential component 5 days.  
  • One Experiential 5 day online live zoom learning for each training.
  • If you are new to therapy you will need to do a short online code of conduct course.
  • On completion you may get insurance and start practicing.
  • If you have queries please contact us HERE 
  • You may pay and do each training as you go, or take advantage of a Special Discount Bundle available.
  • Payment plans are available with EdStart and PayPal
About the trainer

Yildiz was a science (physics and chemistry) teacher for many years prior to becoming a counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, family constellations practitioner and training. She is an experienced educator at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology for eight years specialising in methods of counselling and has run my own private practice, including training since 2000. Yildiz is the author of three books.

Master’s degree in in counselling, Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner and Bachelor of Education. Author. Innovator in Mind Science. Family Constellations, Ego state Therapy. Founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing

About Practical Trauma Informed Treatment (PTIT) For recovery From Sexual Abuse Training

The training consists of current mind science combined with neuroscience and epigenetics fused with exciting and proven psychotherapeutic modalities in 3 complimentary and powerful modalities.

3 Phase Practical Trauma Informed Treatment PTIT

Trauma Informed Training

Rapid Core Healing Triple Mastery Training

RCH TRauma informed

Certificate in Emotional Mind Integration

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)™ founded by Yildiz Sethi for trauma recovery in the personal subconscious mind and body

9 week course self-paced learning.
Module 7 is a live 5 day experiential teaching, experiencing and practicing.

Emotional Mind Integration is composed of 8 modules with Pre-recorded videos, downloadable PDF sheets, reading, tasks and case studies in week and a 5 day experiential component 9.30-4.30 Qld Australia timezone.

50 hours professional development

Rapid Core Healing Trauma Treatment

Certificate in Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations as founded by Bert Hellinger for generational sexual-abuse patterns and trauma. Working with the systemic subconscious mind.

12 week online course.
11 modules self-paced learning.

Module 9 is a live 5 day experiential teaching, experiencing and practicing.

Systemic Family Constellations is composed of modules with Pre-recorded videos, downloadable PDF sheets, reading, tasks and case studies and a 6 day experiential component 9.30-4.30 Qld Australia timezone.

140 hours professional development

RCH trauma treatemnt

Certificate in Rapid Core Healing
(final module)

Final Rapid Core Healing™ founded by Yildiz Sethi created so that you may work with the personal or systemic in a fluid and coherent manner.

Providing sessions for deep resolutions and clearing.

6 week course. Self-Paced tasks to do with one live 5 day experiential teaching, experiencing and practicing.

Rapid Core Healing contains a number of self-paced reading, learning and studying tasks and a 5 day experiential component 9.30-4.30 Qld Australia timezone.

50 hours professional development

Complete Rapid Core Healing triple mastery 240 hours

The process is Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing founded by Yildiz integrates Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations for deep wholistic outcomes for clients in an elegant, concise structured approach that is easily adapted to each client. It is a client centred modality that is brief, experiential, solution-focused with healing pathways that the clients may take for self-healing.

EMI and Systemic Family Constellations may stand in their own right as powerful and effective modalities to use with your clients, but when they are combined creates an wholistic and powerful integration for fast, deep, self-healing for transgenerational and personal conflicts and trauma and sexual abuse recovery.

Rapid Core Healing is a triple master modality that is a combination of the best from the past in terms of psychotherapy and the latest in neuroscience and epigenetics.

Perfect for those of you who are ready to make a difference

Certificate in Rapid Core Healing